Wednesday Rainbow Blogging

If I look out my window right now, I can still see the last faint strains of this rainbow:


I love the bright colours against the dark, ominous sky. If you look in the to right hand corner, you can just see the secondary rainbow behind it. I am choosing to take this as an omen that I WILL get lots of productive thesis work done today, in spite of being in one of those “I feel like I can’t do anything” slumps.

Please feel free to link to your own “good omen” pictures in comments, and explain what they mean to you. 🙂

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  1. I’ve now seen half a dozen separate rainbows come and go today. The “showers” we are having are abrupt torrential downpours, and then we get sunshine, then downpours again.
    I’m not sure what, if anything, I view as a an omen. My mind just doesn’t grok them.
    I love rainbows though. Here’s my favourite rainbow shot from a few years ago:

    And here’s a rainbow-iridescence shot of a giant bubble-blower in Hyde Park – I love the reflections of the surrounding buildings amongst all the colours.

  2. Heh, well I certainly don’t see omens as signs from heaven or anything like that. Personally, I just think of it as finding something in my environment that reflects my current mindset.

  3. Oh, I don’t have any pictures, but osprey are my good omen. An extra good omen is an osprey carrying a fish in its mouth.
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  4. @ Beppie:
    Ah, I rather like that way of looking at such things.
    In which case, my current mindset is probably more like this:

  5. Laser kitty! 😀

  6. MomTFH – just for you (found on Flickr), although the fish is in its talons rather than its beaK:

    Beautiful bird.

  7. I like to play Public Transport Omens: If I get a freeway bus within five minutes I choose to believe my day is blessed. I don’t play that game when public transport goes wrong. 🙂

  8. You are the best, and you are correct, they do carry them in their claws, and I always say ti wrong for some reason. I saw an osprey with a fish in its claws when I found out I was getting an interview for the med school I am going to now. So did my former mother in law when I told her! I also saw one the day I found out about my fellowship. It’s not like I see them all the time, either.
    MomTFH’s last blog post..Reply turned post, HIV testing for neonates style

  9. I wish I could find the shot (it was on that old “film” stuff) – but when I went to Uluru, I saw a rainbow over it at sunrise. Breathtaking.

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