Vale Michael Jackson

Wow, I look away from Twitbin for an hour and it explodes: Michael Jackson taken to hospital after being found not breathing, then announced as in a coma and then pronounced dead.

For all the controversy and scandal about him in later years, who can forget that breathtakingly precocious child talent with the glorious voice, and those fantastic King Of Pop years? I was never a fan fan, but every now and then I would be really impressed. He will be missed by many fans, and what will the gossip mavins do without him?

In Memoriam: here’s a link to the official MJ YouTube vid channel, and the extended clip for Thriller (can’t embed it). Damn that was fun.

Addit: Sebastian at Obsidian Wings posts a summary that fits me to a T.

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  1. I haven’t been actively playing with Twitter for that long – how odd to see it explode like this.

  2. In life, a good musician. In death… VASTLY overrated.
    Did anyone else feel uncomfortable with that Jesse Jackson schtick about Jackson being notable for being successful despite being black.

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