Femmostroppo Reader – July 18, 2009

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  • Shorter Peter Singer: Being Disabled Sucks, Or, How To Wallow In Ablism « Pizza Diavola
  • – “Where Singer goes off the rails for a demonstration of Able-Bodied Privilege 101, however, is when he discusses how to put a value on human lives as a precursor to putting a value on health care.”

  • Disability Is…?
  • – a diverse examination of our conceptions of disability

  • Pastor connected to Robertson molests girl; says she was a 'big girl'
  • – And that’s not the worst story.

  • Freepers attack Malia Obama
  • – The Freepers are hypocritical sexist twonks, but they’re not the only sexist twonks out there. “When leftist men use sexism against rightwing women, they’re showing that they’re looking for a class of women they can use sexism on, that they’re waiting, wanting to use it.”

  • Reza Aslan is a dishonest asshole
  • – “I wouldn’t blame an ignorant westerner coming away from this book convinced that Islam is an egalitarian and feminist religion. That’s misleading propaganda, and yet this guy is lauded as a brilliant scholar.”

  • Because reproductive rights include birth rights
  • – “The men at the table were surprised. All but one of them has children, and all but one of those fathers has children born in the last couple of years, however they all thought fathers routinely wore surgical gowns during labour as a precaution for mothers and babies. Why? Because all of their babies had been born via cesarean. It dawned on me then.. among this group, vaginal birth itself was radical.”

  • Is Amitjo Kajla To Pretty To Be A Prison Guard?
  • – “While there are certain standardized behaviours that all people working with prison inmates must adhere to, offering a smile as a greeting should not lead to being chastised.”

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