Femmostroppo Reader – July 22, 2009

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  • Speaking of Eliminationists…
  • – “Got that? If anti-choicers have to pay for something they don’t like with their tax dollars, it’s justification to wreak “horrific consequences” on the government—and, hey, he’s not endorsing it or anything, but he totes thinks it could make some people turn to violence. He’s just saying! Because he knows history and shit!”

  • What’s the point of judicial power if you don’t have Girl Power?
  • – “Givhan sidles up to a gender-based analysis, but then she gets distracted by shiny things or something and doesn’t follow through:”

  • Those Good Old Days Before Feminists Ruined Rape Trials
  • – “Whenever someone says, “It’s not like she was a virgin,” or, “What did she expect when she went out dressed like a slut?” that person is expressing a historic mindset where the only crime in rape was taking someone’s virginity.”

  • New feature: Coherent feminism doesn’t stop at Afghani women
  • – “To extricate ourselves from the hugely complex national contexts in which the abuse of women takes place, and incidentally in often far more pernicious forms than forced modes of attire, we must focus on the universal principles which bind us in our global village. We must transcend the national and cultural peculiarities, which often cloud our ability to focus on our shared struggles. The real struggle women all over the world are facing is the struggle for self-determination – the struggle to make choices for themselves about themselves, unfettered by over-zealous clerics or patronising presidents.”

  • New feature: The woman engineer: are we really that incompetent?
  • – “How can half of the population of the world be naturally, innately worse than the other half at practically everything? The answer is: we are not! Women are not worse than men at practically everything. The truth of the matter is that for each skill or activity, some women are worse than some men, some men are worse than some women, some women are worse than some women and some men are worse than some men. It’s pretty logical, really. Yet, people seem to get it drummed into their heads from a very young age that some things are ‘a man’s job’.”

  • You Are Old, Father William
  • – “OK. I put on the eyeglasses of someone who cares about the physical appeal of pundits there for a moment, to point out that we heterosexual women never get much eye-candy and are not expected to want it, either, and now I take them off, to speak about why this really matters:”

  • What we Missed.
  • – some links from Feministing

  • Obama the Gozerian: The Healthening
  • – “See what they did there? Go and find the most unfavourable outcomes you can find in someone else’s system, and compare them to the most favourable outcomes you can find in the one you want to preserve. I’m pretty sure that’s Chapter One of the Change-Is-Bad tactical manual, issued as part of the standard kit of a right-wing pundit (along with a Bible with all the icky compassionate bits edited out, Joe McCarthy’s biography, and a selection of Rush Limbaugh’s most hateful best transcripts). “

  • New Video Game: Shoot Gays Before They Rape You
  • – “”Juvenile humour”?? And it’s “aimed at teenagers”?!? So we can teach kids it’s hilarious to shoot gays because they are all dangerous rapists? That makes it better?”

  • Basiji tells all: Abuse, rape, forced marriage
  • – “an anonymous member of Iran’s paramilitary details widespread abuses against young women amid the recent crackdown on opposition protests, as well as violence he previously committed against women awaiting execution.”

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