Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter comes with a bonus best friend badger! The orphans befriended each other at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset, UK.

[Via, with more video]

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Awww. That’s delightful.
    In other news, Microsoft to unbundle IE from Windows in the EU, although they’re still trying to have it as part of the system that you can choose to uninstall at set-up time rather than just not have it on your new machine at all (which was the original EU plan).
    Wonder when the rest of the world gets the same relief? (Answer: when our government-sponsored consumer watchdogs get as rigorous as the EU’s, I guess)

  2. I’m in the process of trying to get rid of the 12,000 email messages in my inbox. No wonder I constantly feel like I’m in a state of panic and information overload.
    Anyone else done this, and have any tips?

  3. I have lots of subfolders, and lots of my mail is directed to them via my filters rather than going into my inbox’s top level – all subscribed stuff, google alerts, social networking notifications etc. Then I can check out each of those when I have the time/inclination, rather than having them hit me in the eye whenever I look at the inbox.
    When I create the filter, I get an option to apply it to all existing mails that also match the filter – works a treat.

  4. We had our yearly QA audit at work this week (we’re not supposed to call it that, but wev), and given we had a death in the office, other staff turnover related to that, me off on stress leave for a month, a colleague off for a month after her mum died, new staff, etc. during the period being measured. We passed audit target, and it looks like we did better than most of the country. Understandably, we’re quite pleased with ourselves, though would rather like to not have another 6 months like that, thanks.

  5. De-cloaking again here. 🙂 My baby started walking this week. It rocks!

  6. They are so cute when they start walking. My three year old is now at the “carry me” stage again though.

  7. I need to set me up some of them there filter thingies I think,
    So…today miniFP and I moseyed into the city, stopping first at my local shops – I needed the arm put back on my glasses. No no, says lovely optometrist, tis f*cked now! They no longer make this brand, and I can’t replace the arm. I can glue it on. But it will only last over the weekend. So I of the newly paid down credit card immediately saw the ‘must have’ pair of (pricey) red frames. I hemmed and I hawed, but 30% off, (and shiny and RED!) can’t say fairer than that, right? And I NEED glasses! Is studying lass!! With poor eyesight!
    Then I left the Cove with new glasses shaking my head over sudden unexpected expenditure. We were going to simply have a coffee (me)/hot choc (miniFP) in the sun, take a walk and return home. I’ve been thinking about the new desktop I needed to buy on account of when I drop to three days work a week they’ll want the laptop back on the other two days, and we moseyed into Myer with NO intention to buy. I looked at the lovely shiny macs that I could never justify expense-wise…and then…and then I saw the specials in the corner. 24 inches – reduced by over $500 as they had ordered too many just before the release of the new model. I had *exactly* the right amount on my credit card.WHAT COULD I DO??? I bought it! I don’t have buyers remorse, but I do have buyers Why The Hell Did I Spend That Much anxiety, esp since I don’t know how to work a mac as yet!! But OH so pretty! WHAT am I DOING? I now have to pay down the credit card by a couple of grand over the next few weeks again. I think I am less feeling bad and more seeking permission to feel excited.

  8. FP, I think you have well cause to be excited. Shiny Red Glasses sounds awesome! I’m not so much of a mac fan, but still, shiny technology is shiny. 🙂
    Oh! I am pleased because Tori Amos is touring Australia in November. No Canberra gig this time around, but it’s kind of good because it means I have an excuse to head up to the Sydney show and go with friends. 🙂 WP and I were discussing on twitter either a pre-dinner or post-drinks afterwards if any other Hoydenizens are planning to go. 🙂

  9. Wee babies! That’s so awesome, Selene!
    And FP, obviously you needed awesome red glasses. They make you go faster if they’re red!

  10. Saw a lovely young chap who Would Not Stop toddling around the pub cafe yesterday at lunchtime – he quite obviously had only been at it for less than a week. Babies starting to walk are the fabulousness.
    FP, red go faster glasses sound absolutely you.
    Also, you know you’re amongst the happy-clappy New Agers in the mountains when the tip jar has a great big crystal in it – whether it was there to ward off greedy vibes or meant to invoke the “power of attraction” I know not, but it was a bit jarring.

  11. P.S. I gave them a tip anyway, the service was good.
    ETA: Any other skeptics have this experience? I know my crystals because I am into mineralogy (spent HOURS at the Natural History Museum in London in the Minerals room – fantastic collection – would spend DAYS there if I lived nearby). I used to compliment people on striking jewellery made from gorgeously polished minerals, because the stones are beautiful and fine craftsmanship is noteworthy. I rarely do so now, because it almost always bogs down in a discussion of woo-woo, and how they chose that particular crystal for its alleged powers of whatever. Then I have to struggle to keep the mask of insincere politeness from slipping, and if I don’t manage it and then have to explain how I don’t believe in crystal healing but I just like the stones for their inherent beauty then they obviously wish I hadn’t said anything at all.
    For example, I love amber and have quite a lot of amber-based jewellery. I find this tends to provoke some people into making assumptions about my own level of woo-acceptance, and then further down the track it’s almost as if I have been judged guilty of false advertising just for wearing a particular style of personal decoration without buying into the New Agerly agenda.

  12. filters for emails work real good… agree completely with tigtog… I set up filters so that the inbox doesn’t get overwhelming… I find this especially helpful at work…
    congrats on lil one walking, Selene…
    fp, congrats on needed purchases… you’ll find yourself being able to mac in no time at all…
    I’m looking forward to going back to uni this week… playing soccer this weekend… and generally hanging out with friends and relaxing…

  13. Ooh, Pavlov’s Cat is looking for everybody’s memories of when they first realised they could read. Great comments! [link]

  14. Hilarious story from last night illustrating the way we interact in a wired world.
    Girlchild just got a new phone from which she can Facebook on the move.
    Megan = old close friend from Adders, much loved, now living in Vancouver for decades and never seen
    I’m sitting at the computer after dinner. Girlchild is out to dinner with half a dozen or so of her friends, at a Pho restaurant in Footscray. I’m to pick her up around 9:30. Around 8:45 I suddenly read this:
    *Girlchild really likes this resturant, essspecially the cocktails.*
    (note the spelling!)
    I go “grrrr”, grab car keys and ring to say I am picking her up IMMEDIATELY. I don’t say why. When I get to Footscray GC and some friends are already waiting sheepishly outside the cafe (I was going to march in and lecture her.)
    I deliver severe lecture on underage drinking – she knows she’s allowed one when at an 18th private party but when you’re at licenced premises it’s a different story.
    Girlchild and I then settle down with SO to watch Ghost Town, which we greatly enjoy. GC is in and out of the room. Later I log into FB again and I see:
    [Girlchild’s friend]: *what did your mum say?*
    [Girlchild]: *Sigh*
    So I reply
    Then Megan in Vancouver writes
    *oops-don’t facebook and drink at the same time.*
    We were short of embarassing stories to tell at her 21st, now we have one.

  15. Hehe…the perils of modern technology!
    Ghost town was not bad! I particularly loved his manic rants on the effects of laxatives and on cats.

  16. And thanks for the encouragement on my purchases. Credit card maxed again, but on other hand, both purchases are lovely! MiniFP enjoying watching HD vids on FB on new mac given I’ve peeled myself away for a couple of hours

  17. tigtog, I too love rocks of prettiness for their own sake, my jewellery making is all about having an excuse to buy lots of said pretty rocks 🙂 I haven’t had many encounters such as you describe but I do find I have to skim read the descriptions of various stones and crystals on some of the bead merchants’ websites because instead of telling me the interesting stuff I want to know (like chemical composition, conditions under which they’re formed and where they’re found) it’s all about the woo.

  18. tigtog: “I love amber and have quite a lot of amber-based jewellery. I find this tends to provoke some people into making assumptions about my own level of woo-acceptance.”
    I wonder if there’s a way to compliment the jewel while making a scientific sort of statement as well, to kind of direct it. Like with amber, “do you know is that Baltic amber or from $FOO, it’s at least X years old, wonder if there are any insect inclusions, I saw one the other day with a whole dragonfly wing in it…” (babbling here, not sure what actual scientific thing you’d say).
    Then when they say “you know it’s supposed to help with memory” or whatever, you will have already indicated where you’re coming from, so saying “I don’t really believe that, I’m much more interested in where it came from” won’t be just “no to woo woo” but “yes to science.”

  19. And just in case you aren’t getting enough magic vibes from your crystal collection, I wandered into the health food shop the other day to get fish-flavoured fish oil tablets for the cat (she’s nearly 16 and getting increasingly skinny and doddery) and found this (Lauredhel could you do admin magicz please and make the image show?)
    Perhaps they also have some magic beans I could exchange for my cow…
    [Admin magic! ~ tigtog]

  20. ~ My sympathy to Girlchild ~

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