*Sings “I am by no-oo means a sexist…” *

If you’re an avid Antifeminist Bingo player, check out this mp3 by nixwilliams, “I Respect Women“, in which the words of a concern troll are set to music.

[Note: they’re not nixwilliams’ words! Read the included link for more context.]

[via lilacsigil]

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  1. wow! thanks for linking me, i’m really flattered!

  2. hi, it’s me again . . . could you possibly edit this post to make it clearer that these are not my words? i’ve been getting a few people through thinking that i’m deadly serious with my anti-feminism!

  3. That’s what I thought at first glance at your post, nix! I’ve edited this post to make it clearer. And you’re welcome for the link – I thought it was fun.

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