Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter hails from notaeb on deviantart, via The Daily Otter.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I’m in the worst mood ever and I want to scream.
    My response to this is look! the cute otter tag at flickr!
    Awwwwww…. cute otters!
    I never paid any attention to how cute otters were until I started hanging here with y’all. 🙂

  2. {{{{{Anna}}}}} I’m sorry you’re screamy, though you have multiple reasons to be! But yes, otters are full of awesome. Thanks for giving us Otterday, Lauredhel; on a good day, it’s extra yay, and on a bad one, a significant dilution factor!

  3. more {{{{{Anna}}}}}, and that is an awesome otter resource.
    Had a lovely afternoon yesterday – caught up with Pavlov’s Cat in between her book launch thingies, and while we were enjoying our Azteca hot chocolates in Glebe who should wander by but Wildly Parenthetical and Zero at the Bone!
    Blogmeets are always over too soon, especially the serendipitous ones.

  4. Aw, thank you, you two. Internet hugs are the best right now because it’s very very hot and muggy for Canada. (Not all that much for y’all, I know!) And thus, NO TOUCHING OMG. 😉
    Oh well. Life, as they say, goes on. And my university has air con, and that starts up soon.
    (I love how searching for otters on google gives me a “related searches” of beavers.)

  5. Sorry to hear that, Anna. :S
    Well, I’ve been is a bad way disability-wise for a few months now, so haven’t been commenting much, but I’m still reading all the time. But I’m hoping to ease my way back into blogging this week. So that’s my big news.
    Also, any New Zealanders about? I’ve just started reading a collection of Katherine Mansfield stories.
    It was quite something that we all ran into each other, tigtog! WP and I also had a great time.

  6. (((((Anna)))))

  7. More hugs to Anna. My response to bad days is to look at Zoo Borns. The cute makes things better.
    My big news this week is that my medication seems to have finally started working, and I’m basically just enjoying how good sanity feels.

  8. Hugs for Anna.
    And for Chally: I love Prelude and The Doll’s House and At the Bay. I can see those stories. They are beautiful stream of consciousness, and as a reader, you inhabit each character in turn. If you are feeling strong, The Woman at the Store is good, in the sense that you keep on turning it over and over and over in your mind.
    I have a lovely illustrated book of Katherine Mansfield’s New Zealand stories. There are some beautiful reproductions in it. Just now I’m especially taken by Harold Gilman’s Mother and child. It’s a portrait of his own wife and daughter. The original is held in the Auckland Art Gallery.

  9. Chally/Deborah – is that the hardcover book with the back of a woman like a cello? I can’t remember the name and may have loaned it to someone, but I have a book in which female New Zealand writers have taken snippets of stories that were unfinished by Mansfield and created stories from them.

  10. Not the edition I have, FP. Mine is a 1987 edition produced by Century Hutchison, more or less as a pretty book to have on your shelf. I recall them producing a similarly lusciously illustrated version of Cider with Rosie (I think). It’s KM’s own writing.

  11. E-hugs for Anna! (You’re in Halifax, aren’t you? It WOULD have to work out that when it’s not pouring rain, it’s muggy. Yuck.)
    I just finished my half of the steampunk essay I’ve been working on for an anthology! I am SO excited. Now I can get to work on my actual novel in some peace. And get back to sewing. Wargh!
    Still haven’t gotten much for the Asian Women Blog Carnival though. I wonder how people advertise for those?

  12. Yeah, Halifax. Land of Accessibility Fail. *mutter mutter*

    Jha, have you asked Oyceter and CiderPress to remind people of the call for submissions? That might help, as well as posting out on a few comms on LJ.

  13. Breaking news: if true, this probably explains the whole stepping down as governor weirdness – reports that Sarah and Todd Palin are to divorce.
    Didn’t do enough checking – these reports are being vociferously denied.

  14. People, is this an otter?

    It’s certainly very lovely – just came across him/her on Tiger Beatdown.

  15. I heard the tail end of an interview with lawyer Rob Melasecca on RN this morning about this incident. Another woman whose allegation of rape against a football player seems not to have been taken seriously. This time evidence was ‘lost’ as well.

  16. Helen, I wonder if it might be some kind of shrew or stoat? It certainly is one itty bitty handful of adorable.

  17. Based on several excursions into google images, because I’m supposed to be finishing my slides for tomorrow’s lecture (and I hate powerpoint but the students seem to want it), I think that it might be a ferret kit.
    My Dad has an extensive trapping programme for ferrets on his (and my Mum’s) conservation block. Also for possums. And wild cats.

  18. You can build a ferret from a kit? That’s handy!

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