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Spring cleaning. And getting the car registered. And sorting out other errands today. Have some photos to post to Flickr and then blog about here from earlier this week, but have to go and pick up sick sprog from school now!

Enjoying the warmer weather though. It’s chased away the black dog for a start.

What else are people up to in the lovely spring weather?

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  1. Since it’s so nice outside I am obviously going to spend my time writing an incredibly dense and complicated article about the use and representation of female presence on stage in Shakespeare’s histories. My brain, she hurt.

  2. In Sydney, maybe!
    In Melbourne we seem to be having one of those ‘four seasons in one moment’ days. The wind seems to be blowing in all four directions at once, there are clouds of every concievable (and some inconcievable) shapes wandering around in the sky, moments where it looks like the rest of the day is going to be an absolutely clear blue, shortly followed by a blustery rain. As if God is feeling especially cranky and is spluttering all over Melbourne, or something. Winter is having a fine old time over here (and that’s the way I like it!)
    And now, I sit ensconced at my desk at work and type away, enjoying the scene out of the office window.

    • I’ve just been listening to Richard Stubbs and James Valentine having a Melbourne-Sydney radio chat hook-up and reading out listeners’ suggestions for “It’s so windy in Melbourne that…”
      There were some rather amusing suggestions, TimT. I liked the “so windy that the balls have blown back onto the brass monkey” and “so windy that my chooks put their arses into the wind and blew inside out”.
      Mindy, I think I might be allowed to give away some of the toys that the kids outgrew about 5 years ago, finally.
      Deborah, the black dog has been particularly intrusive this winter. Typically, I didn’t really realise how far it had encroached until it started to edge away. I hate how it affects my memory in particular.

  3. It was supposed to be a lovely sunny day here before a late change with possible showers, but it’s been overcast and raining since about 10am. Smugness that I took the washing off the line yesterday, tempered by melancholy that I have a basket of damp washing waiting to go in the dryer and a large pile of washing waiting to be folded or thrown in the ironing pile.
    Thoughts of spring cleaning are tempting. I know just which cupboard I’ll start with. The only issue is trying to throw things away that have been unearthed from cupboard and noticed by children and become the new favourite thing that mummy can’t possibly consider throwing out, despite the fact that it has sat in the cupboard unremembered for at least 6 months.
    Why is it that there are some bits of crap that you just can’t throw away no matter how hard you try?

  4. I’m sorry that the black dog has been snuffling around, Tigtog. We only get a black chihuahua around these parts – nothing too serious or large – but spring always seems to help. We had a downpour at our place this morning, so my garden is looking lovely and fresh, and there’s masses of new growth on the roses, and the bluebells under the myrtle (teetering on the brink of kitsch) are almost out, and the girls’ vegies are growing – it’s all very cheering.
    Why is it that there are some bits of crap that you just can’t throw away no matter how hard you try?
    Because if you do throw it out, you will need it about 4 days later.

  5. I try to have a ‘new thing in old thing out’ policy but it is failing miserably. Occassionally when the kids are out I sneak a few things into a bag and drop it off at Vinnies. It has worked so far.

  6. It’s been a wretchedly hot and humid few weeks. At least in Montreal we had aircon at night.
    Y’all from Australia would laugh at my pitiful falling apart at a mere +33, but then, I don’t think it’s cold till -10, so we’re even. *smile*

  7. Trust me Anna, I fall apart at 33 and humid too. I like a dry heat myself, actually warm spring days of about 22. You can keep the -10 though.

  8. Well, we apparently have a hurricane coming in on Sunday, so that should break the heat.
    (My province is weird)
    -10 is when I get to wear my cute mitties and my cow hat!

  9. Anna, a friend’s 19 Y O daughter has moved to Montreal (from Melbourne AU) to go to art school. It seems like such a cool place! and five hours to NY by train, or something like that! She’s having an absolute blast. I want to visit the place one day!

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