Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s Asian small-clawed otter was born at the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo in April. Via the Florida Alligator, via The Daily Otter.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Hello and hugs to all who need it. It has been a bit of an intense week on the blogosphere, hey?
    I’m having a little trouble with the log in process, has something changed? It says above that I’m logged in as ‘Rayedish’ (O Hai!), but when I hit submit I get a message that the log in is not complete and that I have to be logged into my wordpress account, which I dutifully do, and them my comments appears via my open id/wordpress address sans nym and gravator. Previously being logged as ‘Rayedish’ was enough to ensure that “I” appeared. Can anyone help me?

    • Rayedish, I think the problem is that you are assuming that your “wordpress account” has to be your account. Your account on this blog is also *a* wordpress account, but it’s Hoyden’s own wordpress account. So try logging on without using the Open ID, use the login you created for Rayedish in the first place and see how you go. The site can send you a new password link if you’ve forgotten it.
      Part of the problem may also be with an old site cookie for Hoyden which is tricking your computer into thinking that you are logged on when you are not. Flushing your browser cache might help.

  2. I have no advice, Rayedish, but I miss you! 🙂
    I’ve been filling in my calendar for Grad School. Is it too late to hide under my desk until the Revolution comes?

  3. Yeah it’s been doing the same to me Raydish. For some reason it was pulling up one of my other blogs instead of the Open ID one that I use.
    Today I am ignoring the vacuuming and heading out into the garden. I may or may not change out of my pyjamas before I go.

  4. Is this working now, if so, please ignore : )

  5. Ta Tigtog, I erased my cookies and kept tinkering. But what solved the prob, (after trying a couple things) was that I updated my HAT profile by erasing my website address. What was happening was I’d log in here, it would tell me I was logged in, with gravatar on the preview and everything, but when I’d submit my comment I’d get an error message telling me to log in at – which would then log me in via openID. Maybe the fact that my web address is associated with an open ID was causing probs? Anyway this is better than nothing : )
    As you were!
    Thanks Anna, you made my day.

    • rayedish, that’s very very interesting. I’ll have to take a look in the support forums and see what could be causing that, and whether I perhaps need to change to a different registration plugin that supports OpenID in a less buggy way, because a bug like that could well explain why I see new registrations that never make a comment – they’re possibly having a similar problem but not willing/able to tinker away at the problem in the same way that you have done, so they give up. Which is Not Good.

      • By the way everybody, my brain is mush this week due to a head cold and having to put some work things first that have left other things simmering in the To Do pile. If you’ve asked me to do something for you with regard to using the blog or whatever, and I haven’t done it, please feel free to nudge me. No offence will be taken.

  6. I’ve finished writing and editing my essay co-written with a friend for an academic anthology (edited by Shira Tarrant too, natch!) so right now is a waiting game for anonymous peer review. SO nervous.
    Also put up the 3rd Asian Women Blog Carnival, too! But yeah, am now intellectually exhausted.
    I also went to a cafe this evening for a friend’s friend’s gig. Local Jo’s stocks up on all sorts of local foodages, which I think is neat.
    Hope you all are doing well and ooooh, cute otter! ❤

  7. Yay! New Asian Women Carnival! Thanks Jha. I meant to write for this one, but brain has been mush of late. *runs off to read*

  8. Tigtog, you were going to do my tax, weren’t you (hey, it’s worth a try :-))

  9. My old cat is sick. This, a day after being heavily triggered by inappropriate behaviour by an acquaintance, and I’m not coping very well with life. All I want to do is relax and sleep properly.

  10. you were going to do my tax
    Feck! I’ve still got to do mine, which involves doing accounts for the house we still own back in NZ, which is a deeply tedious task, all the more so because NZ and Australia have different rules for the taxation of rental property, plus different year-end dates (31 March in NZ) so I have to prepare TWO sets of accounts, even aside from exchange rate issues (which in actual fact are very easy to sort out). This is all some sort of karmic revenge for having at one time been an accountant and worked in tax cousulting, and at a later date, tax policy.
    In other news, I have a very sore finger, which comes and goes but alas is mostly present at present. I can’t work out whether it’s an infection, maybe from pruning the roses (unlikely, because nothing else indicates infection), or some sort of OOS (but in which case, why just one finger), or maybe some sort of arthritis, or a malign spirit. It’s the index finger on my left hand, which makes typing either very exacerbating and painful, or very slow and awkward, as I substitute my middle finger for my index finger. It is sufficiently sore that it woke me up last night, (or possibly, I became aware of it immediately upon being woken for some other reason). I might even have to give in and and go and see my doctor.

    • I might even have to give in and and go and see my doctor.

      That sore finger sounds very tedious and frustrating, Deborah, but yes, you need to go and show it to your doctor. There might be something sneaky but relatively simple like an occult thorn that’s causing it all, but whatever it is it sounds like some investigation is needed.

  11. I’m sorry about your cat, napalmnacey. It sounds like you could do with a bit of cherishing and a safe warm place to curl up together with your wee cat.

  12. Yeah… I know. And given the excellent public health care system here in Australia, there’s absolutely no reason for not going to see him, other than not liking to admit that something’s wrong with me.

  13. ‘Though for an occult thorn, perhaps a pentagram under my pillow would do.

  14. tigtog, I’m having a bit of a problem navigating long comment threads here. When I go to a long post that I’ve already read part of, the most recent group of comments that appear under the post with a “previous comments” link, and they are numbered from 1. Clicking the previous comments link takes you back, but not to the beginning, but the comments are then numbered as if the first comment on the post is 1 (which has a certain logic that appeals!)
    It’s tricky to understand the flow, in particular when conversations have taken a heated and/or precise turn, and also because commentors have adopted the otherwise useful habit of referring to a previous comment by number.
    After you’ve fixed that, I’d very much like it if you did my tax, please. I also have a sore finger. No kidding!

  15. Zoe: I noticed that yesterday, and gave tigtog the headsup, but it might not be an easy fix. The renumbering issue makes it particularly confusing. I reckon if she is doing that job, some other Hoyden should volunteer to do all of our tax returns, and throw the position open.
    I would also like to announce that I have no sore fingers, but the bruise-the-size-of-a-hand on my leg still hurts. I don’t much like falling over.

    • OK, there is now paginated comment navigation at the bottom of the comments list above the add-a-new-comment box. I couldn’t get it to work above the comments list as well. but most people will want to move to another page after reading that page’s comments anyway.
      ETA: I don’t know what to do about the renumbering on each page. That’s a core WP-function and I don’t think I can just use a plugin or a snippet of code to make that behave more sensibly. So perhaps use the page number (it will show in your browser’s top navigation bar) as well as the comment number when referring to a post?

  16. Thanks everyone. She ate some food before, which relieved me greatly. And she went to the toilet late last night, Dad reckons. She hasn’t been today yet, and I’m worried she’s not getting enough water in her. She seems happy enough, though. Gets up every now and again, but not moving around much. Usually she likes to sit outside in the sun. She’s run back and forth between the laundry and the kitchen. And I’ve been mashing all her food for her (she has sore teeth). I hate to think that she’s in pain, and that’s causing her problems.
    I slept all day but it was fitful sleep.

  17. In email someone mentioned that they can’t use their OpenID here to make a comment unless they are already logged-in to (and at the moment they can’t log in to
    Are other people having the same problem? Does is also occur with or other OpenIDs?

  18. Ahhh, I think it might be a browser issue… (and something to do with how the browser uses cookies, based on a couple of other things I’ve observed with other sites)
    Rayedish, what browser do you use?
    I have been having issues with Opera, which I have been trialling as a FF replacement at the urging of a friend. With IE (oh, the evil!) it seems to be fine.
    I can’t log on to on my phone, and I experience the problem you described if I try to comment on HAT from my phone.
    I’m going to reinstall FF and see if that works.

  19. I use FF (oh looks like I’m swearing) and the whole couldn’t post a comment unless I was logged in is a relatively recent development, I was managing to post via the HAT log successfully since Tigtog installed it and then last week (or earlier? I’ve lost track) it became tricky.

  20. Ugh – the kidnapper of Jaycee Lee Dugard has a blog. It’s all conspiracy theories about schizophrenia as a form of mind control, and tied into End Times Christian theology, which ties into the fact that what led to Jaycee’s release was Phillip Craig Garrido taking their two daughters with him to do religious pamphleting and someone being suspicious.
    A look at his Blogger profile show that he started 5 blogs but only managed to make one of them work, apparently.

  21. I should have known better than to click on that link.
    Although I’m tempted to go through wikipedia and replace “sex slave” with “raped”.

  22. I found a way to comment again! Yay!
    Recently it’s been letting me log in, type my comment, and then asking me to log in to googlemail when I hit submit. And then not letting me on the grounds I’m not a member of my own blog. But I’ve found a way round it, so all is OK.

    • Yay Kirstente!
      I have just RTFM’ed and realised that I’m supposed to clear a cache every now and then for OpenID. I’ve just done so. Hopefully this will clear things up for others with similar problems.

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