Thursday Cheezburger, and Delurking Day

And today’s theme is: Rescue!

It’s also our monthly Delurking Day! If you’ve been reading along, give us a shout and let us know you’re there. You’re welcome to post your favourite macro (post the link and wait for Admin Image Magic), introduce yourself, or tell us what’s impressed or disappointed you lately.

photo of squirrel that looks like its giving another squirrel cpr, capped CMON BOB, BREATHE pump pump pump


cat show from below, extending paw down toward camera, capped GRAB MA PAW!

Post your own favourite Rescue Cheez here, and wait for admin image magic to make it appear.

Please post a link to a FULL webpage, rather than a direct link to an image only – that is, no URLs with .jpg, .png, .gif (etc) on the end. This makes our admin image magic quicker and easier. Just copy and paste what’s in your URL bar, and we’ll go fetch the embed code. **If you post the embed code, it will be automatically stripped out.** Thanks!

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5 replies

  1. I think the spaminator ate my comment again.

  2. Thx for rescuing me! Ha! I crack myself up.

  3. see more dog and puppy pictures
    … and someone in imminent need of rescue.
    see more dog and puppy pictures

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