Friday Hoyden Quickhit: Abigail Sciuto (NCIS)

Pauley Perette as Abby Sciuto (NCIS)

Pauley Perette as Abby Sciuto (NCIS)

I’ve become very fond of NCIS lately – I didn’t catch the early seasons, so thank FSM for cable telly. Always a sucker for a well produced police procedural, me (yeah, I know that NCIS are not technically the police).
Played by Pauley Perette, the mischievous yet dedicated Abby Sciuto has alleged geek cred off the charts (actual geeks should keep a strategic pair of rolled up socks near the screen for those moments when an irresistible urge strikes one). As an added bonus, Perette actually studied criminology and forensics before moving into full-time acting.
Sure, NCIS is a very formulaic show, and its gender politics are often lazily written. I do however appreciate the very large tongue poking under the cheek, and the cast are slick. Very slick.
Anyone got a favourite Abby moment to share?

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  1. I love Pauley Perette! I have a sneaking feeling though, that the whole bunch of them vote Republican. Except perhaps the loveable eccentric old forensic spotted-bow-tie guy.
    NCIS gives off this wonderfully unreal “If you go to work for the armed forces you will be able to work in a totally casual workplace where you’ll be able to indulge your personal quirks and fashion tics to the utmost, while doing very little actual work, but what you do is awesome”. Re. the office dudes, I mean, not Ziva who has to go around nearly getting killed all the time…
    It’s a riot!

  2. You’ve nailed the cognitive dissonance element perfectly there, Helen.

  3. What I do really like is how very much Abby revels in the nerd aspects of her work. The way she plays with her social quirks in order to keep others off balance is also a lot of fun.
    Ziva – just as well she’s apparently made of indestructium.

  4. Anyone got a favourite Abby moment to share?
    Halloween at Coyote Ugly.

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