Otterday! And Open Thread

Today’s otter comes via World Zoo Today. She was rescued as a baby, injured and malnourished, near Milwaukie in Oregon, USA.

otter on a riverbank

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Have just finished writing my 9,000 word paper for the semester (actually over 10,000 but my superviser assures me they won’t count the actual words), and it’s been declared ready to submit, hurrah! I can’t wait to have an actual weekend free of study next weekend.
    Still, it will probably take me about a week before I want to start reading for next semester…

    • Rebekkah – HURRAH! I bet that’s a wonderful relief to have out of the way.
      I went shopping to buy the tigling some Docs and Crocs, and I have partially recovered from the Head Cold of Doom, so it’s all good.

  2. I went shoe-shopping this morning, with all three girls in tow. Also for shorts, and sunhats. It gets a bit ouchy buying shoes and clothes for all three girls at once, but at least they are all still in children’s sizes. I can see some very expensive years coming up…

  3. I enjoyed an internet call with two of my sisters, both of whom live a long way away from me. It was good to also see my little nephew, and other extended family..

  4. Well done Rebekka!
    Everything’s due this week. All I have to do is import the weapons to my levels, make an animation of a cat pedalling a flying toaster, and then it’s all over for 4 months. Glad I’m not planning to make a career out of this or anything, because that would be stressful…

  5. Yesterday was my birthday, tomorrow is Tom’s (he’ll be 8), today we went to a housewarming BBQ. Busy weekend.
    I spent a fair chunk of time this afternoon coaching my daughter on her performance of Abba’s “Money, Money, Money” in anticipation of the school talent quest in a couple of weeks time. At some point I have to try and persuade Tom that “I Will Survive” may not be the best choice for his entry in said talent quest. (Primarily because he can’t sing it to save his life, whereas he’s actually quite good with other songs.)

  6. Hurray, Rebekka! Happy Birthday, mimbles!
    I spent this week talking to steampunks with disabilities on how disability issues intersect with steampunk activities, for Steampunk Month at Tor. I hope the article makes it onto the Front Page before the end of the month. It was pretty revelatory, the process. I’m glad I decided to write it.

  7. Happy Birthday Mimbles and congrats to Rebekka and The Amazing Kim for slogging through the werk.
    I have two subjects left to do in a grad dip to convert my science degree to a psychology one and I have had to withdraw for the last 2 semesters. I’m not looking forward to resuming because while stats is one of my best subjects I have to attend a residential school that is over a thousand km away and last year they gave me 5 days notice. Erk – just can’t be done. I’m looking into replacing it with an equivalent subject on a local campus.

  8. Happy birthday Mimbles!

  9. My daughter just sent this to me:

    ”Remember people: capitalization and grammar are the differences between ‘I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse’ and ‘i helped my uncle jack off a horse.’”

    She just turned 15.
    PS I want some of that cake

  10. LOL@ Tigtog and happy birthday, Mimbles. I hope that was really your cake.

  11. Thanks all 🙂
    That is a cake of awesomeness, but alas mine was merely a humble black forest cake from the Cheesecake shop. Nothing much to look at but utterly nom-able.
    I’ll be cake decorating for my 8 yr old this week – his party is on Friday and he wants a spooky cake – one suggestion he came up with was Gaknar the fear demon from Buffy, I’m campaigning for something simpler 😛

  12. Gaknar would make for a rather small cake! (And terribly fiddly – something simpler sounds wise).

  13. Thanks everyone! Sounds like it was a shoe-shopping sort of weekend, too, I went and bought some new running shoes on Sunday.

    Happy birthday mimbles.

  14. Finally had an interview for a job that was exactly right, and all the elements were alligning. Only 3 to 5 jobs come up in my field each year. Practically had the gig in the bag. Just now had a phone call to say that due to “unforseen circumstances” they are “withdrawing the position”. Fuckitty fuck fuck fuck.

  15. @ orlando – bugger. Hopefully if their situation resolves itself you will be the first one they call.

  16. Hey Jha, can you link to the steampunk post you’re talking about? I went a hunting, but couldn’t find it.

  17. I am so weirded out by the use of the term “The Indonesian Solution”. When it was “The Pacific Solution” I thought it was perhaps just an unfortunate choice of words but now I think that government is entirely happy to gesture towards the Holocaust when talking about people seeking asylum, as long as it does the job of othering.

  18. su, is the government actually calling it that, or is it the media?

  19. As far as I know “The Pacific Solution” was used by both politicians and the media. Do you have information as to who coined it?

  20. Sorry, I wasn’t clear – the Pacific Solution was definitely used by the previous Government, and I suspect Howard used it first. But I was wondering whether “The Indonesian Solution” has been used by the current Government, or whether the media has coined the phrase based on the previous Pacific Solution.

  21. Actually I think I was being unclear. I didn’t mean that the use of the phrase had suddenly become more disturbing, just that it always was and I was overly generous in my interpretation. As long as governments can divert attention from the plight of people desperate enough to make such a journey, whether by casting them as an inanimate problem that needs solving or as contraband that is smuggled then they don’t appear to care what other associations their language calls to mind. I take your point that it is the media who have tweaked the phrase to apply it to the Rudd gov’s policy.
    I have a very visceral, and possibly superstitious, reaction to it, I simply can’t understand how the phrase is deployed so casually, it so rarely appears to be used in a context which makes sense to me ie. pointing out the inhumanity of policies which seek to avoid our obligations towards those escaping persecution or war.

  22. Erk. I suspect there has been a rhetorical question detection FAIL on my part Rebekka, in which case, I don’t know whether any in the current gov have referred to the “Indonesian solution” or whether it originated in media commentary.
    Please excuse my dimness, my week has been composed of alternating layers of sheisse and merde, garnished with a dressing of scats. And it is only Wednesday!!
    On a brighter note I was tooling around on IMDB the other day, indulging my Emily Watson flash crush when Lo! – I discovered they are turning Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell into a movie. Woah. That novel seems to be pretty unfilmable but Julian Fellowes is listed as a writer and he wrote Gosford Park, a film I love beyond reason so perhaps something good can come of it? One of the quotes attributed to Julian Fellowes on IMDB is the following:

    I have an absolutely phobic horror of controlled relationships. I despise controllers. And when I see that slightly patronizing relationship going on in front of me, as you often do in our industry, where the man who quite deliberately takes a partner who is less sophisticated, younger, from a less advantaged background or whatever, and he is becoming a kind of Higgins to her Eliza, I just want to punch him. I really hate it.

    Hear, hear Mr Fellowes! Not bad for a posh bastard.

  23. On a completely unrelated (to anything above) topic, some good news. Mercy Ministries, a Christian ministry giving faith based treatment and exorcisms to women suffering from serious problems such as bulimia, has closed down. Pity it took so long. The ACCC was investigating it for at least a year.

  24. It’s ok, su, I wasn’t asking rhetorically, I just hadn’t been paying too much attention, and while it’s bad enough that the media are calling it that, I feel like it would be 10x worse if the government was actually calling it that.
    @Rayedish, wasn’t that the lot that one of the coffee chains was donating money to? Gloria Jeans possibly?

  25. Why yes Rebekka, it was. Apparently the bad publicity caused Gloria Jeans and others to drop their $upport and is the reason that Mercy Ministries are no longer operating.

  26. Today I’ve bought the necessary costume helmet and sword for the tigling to dress up as a Valkyrie for her friend’s Halloween party. We will recycle last year’s black wings and the many-years-ago Harry Potter cape. A big belt and some big boots and she’s done.

  27. @tigtog I think I remember last year’s wings, they were great! Do we get to see pics of this year’s?
    I’m supposed to be getting dressed up tomorrow afternoon for Tom’s 8th birthday party, I have a witch hat and vague intentions of being Nanny Ogg. I’m not sure it’s possible to dress up in vague intentions though….

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