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  1. The post links to the category page for the EFF blog, not straight to the article permalink.

    Read this before you just accept Facebook’s new privacy recommendations.

    And even once you do read it, absorb it and recheck your settings, you’re still stuck with the new “public information”, name, profile picture, current city, gender, networks, the pages that you are a “fan” of, and your entire friends list. Hiding that, even from people who aren’t even logged in is no longer an option. (Paul Fenwick also writes that it seems to be impossible to stop event RSVPs and the like popping up on your Wall for at least a moment, too.)
    I am not sure, personally, why I’m so annoyed by this. Twitter, for example, has never had the option of keeping my following/followed by lists private and I choose to make my stream public there too. It’s possible to ascertain my current city, gender, current university and so on from that too (although I am thinking of trying to script something that takes down tweets from more than, say, 3 months ago). I guess it’s two things (1) taking away privacy options that used to be there and that people may have therefore assumed when creating some of their content and (2) that Facebook encourages other users to reveal information about me, eg photographs of me and the like, and while I can choose my self-presentation, it all gets harder when my friends are encouraged to actively add to the portrait of me.

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