Sydney Hoydenizens Do Karaoke!

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So, the details for the much-anticipated karaoke evening, filled to the brim with Hoydenizen renditions of the Hottest 100 Women as well as some trashy favourites, I don’t doubt, are below:

Where: Karaoke World, Basement, 185 Elizabeth St, Sydney.

When: Either the 16th or the 22nd or the 30th of January (I’m ruling out all other days, but please vote in your comment below. Date to be confirmed by 2nd January) and I think 7-10 pm.

Cost: It shouldn’t be too much, given that we can book a room to fit our number. A max of about $20 each (I’ll let you know if it’s more in advance).

What to bring: Your lovely selves, moolah for beverage purchases at the venue (as it’s sadly not BYO) and for the room itself.

Accessibility: I’ve been assured that there’s wheelchair access, but parts of the venue are singularly inaccessible, so if you are concerned about accessibility, please let me know so that I can ensure that we are in the accessible parts (there’s a contact form over at my blog if you want to get in contact with me directly). Please also be warned that some of the rooms can be pretty small (they pack us in!).

I will need confirmed RSVPs a week before. So let me know what date would work for you, and then I’ll adjust the post after the 2nd Jan to reflect the final date, so you can finalise your RSVPs up til a week before. Let me know if you have any questions!

ETA: It’s looking like the 30th is the best option for the most people. I’m afraid this means that Orlando probably won’t be able to make it, given that she’s flying away across the sea to take up a new position in New Zealand! I’m so sorry about that, Orlando; sharing ‘Respect’ with you would have been a singularly amazing experience! But perhaps we’ll arrange a ‘welcome back!’ repeat event for when you head back to these sunny shores. Alternatively, I’m up for overloading on events and having an afternoon drink on the 16th or 17th of January, if any would like to do that as well (especially you, Orlando!)

Everyone else, please confirm your RSVPs by the 23rd, and I’ll book for us all!

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  1. At the moment I’m free for all those dates. Looking forward to it!

  2. So I’m guessing there are no Brisbane Hoydenizen get-togethers yet? Sydney in January is sort of tempting (Candide and other Britten) but I can’t afford it, and if I could, it would mean I had a job finally and then I’d probably need weekends to just recover from working regularly again.

  3. No gatherings in Brizzle yet, AotQ. You’re welcome to organise one under the Hoydenatariat banner anytime!

  4. The 22nd is probably bad for me, but the other two dates should be okay.

  5. I’ll put in my vote for the 16th. Thanks for getting the motivation on, WP.

  6. Apologies for the delay, all; I’ve been having net access issues and been unable to access the back end. But my vote is actually for the 16th too, but as I said, I’ll wait til the 2nd to confirm! And AotQ, I suspect there are a few Brisbanians (?) floating around; speak up, all ye, if so, so that AotQ can work out whether it’s worth her while! And if you can make it down to Sydney, you’d be more than welcome to come along, AotQ (and anyone else). But I don’t want to contribute to the temptingness of poverty too much, as I know it far, far too well to think it a fun place to be!
    Also, I’m a big fan of duets at karaoke. And fair warning, I’m a big fan of dragging other people up to duet with me! 😉

  7. All the dates are OK with me, although sadly the 16th is definitely the least convenient – I’d probably not be able to confirm if I could come until the day itself.
    WP, you may want to view those buried videos that Mim made before you attempt to drag me anywhere! 🙂

  8. It sounds so great, I hope you all have a lovely time. Please imagine me warbling along espec if the Yeah Yeah Yeahs get a look in.

  9. Hmm, I was hoping this date decision would be easy, despite Beppie’s wise warnings to me! But we shall see… I’m just in Canberra at the moment, so trips to Sydney are a little more complex than they would be otherwise! And hmm, seekrit videos, huh? I shall have discussions with Mim… but can you roar? Can you cry ‘woohoo!’ aloud? Because they are duetable too!
    Oh, su, so wish you could come. I know, I know, geography can be a bastard etc. I’m still voting for scientists to spend more time on a teleporter. That’s what *I* want for Xmas! Doesn’t everyone find that the moment when they decide they want to leave a night out is actually the moment when they want to be HOME IN BED RIGHT NOW NOT TRYING TO FIND A FRAKKING CAB? I do. I wish especially fervently for a teleportation machine at moments like that….
    Sorry for the allcaps. I am channeling Sady (of tigerbeatdown). She is channel-able.

  10. Hmm…I missed the 16th as an option first time around – I can’t make that date, a cousin’s 21st. The other two I should be fine with. And teleporters would be EXCELLENT. Or at the very least safe fast-flying, self directed mattresses for snoozing while traveling on autopilot back home.

  11. A tentative vote for the 16th and the 30th. 🙂

  12. I think I’m free on all of those. I think my preference would be (first being most preferred): 16th, 30th, 22nd. But no strong preferences at this stage.
    And another vote for a teleporter …

  13. Perhaps we should develop a teleportation device PETITION! Clearly science is not working enough for US THE PEOPLE.
    Also, this post has been updated! The 30th seems easiest for most folks (with sincerest apologies to Orlando, that we couldn’t swing an earlier date!)

    • Orlando, I’m wondering whether we shouldn’t do a separate little gathering to say goodbye to you. I for one am totally up for meeting on the promenade on Coogee some fine weekend lunchtime/evening in the next few weeks and grabbing some takeaway fish and chips to consume at a table, alongside some BYO wine, in your honour.
      Anyone want to join me?

  14. Sorry, tigtog, I did actually suggest that we get together the weekend of the 16th, which was Orlando’s preference for karaoke. It’s all up in the OP. Apologies for not pointing everyone up to the original post again!

  15. Also! Coogee sounds wonderful! A great plan! 🙂

  16. Coogee sounds good to me too but I might have to be a bit non-committal about that until closer to the date, it’ll depend on what family stuff we have going on.
    Karaoke on the 30th I’m a definite for 🙂

  17. Another thumbs up to Coogee on the weekend of the 16th/17th (or whenever)!
    And I will (most likely) be at karaoke on the 30th. (The only reason I don’t say “definite” is that I’m in holiday mode and don’t feel capable of thinking that far ahead, but that’s why I have a diary, after all.)

  18. I will have to get back to you about the 30th, but I’m pretty sure I could make the 17th!

  19. WP: Clearly science is not working enough for US THE PEOPLE.

    And I would be totally fine with spending an evening with the head of a goat or some such, as long as it were reversible and nobody felt moved to squish me prematurely. I have always wanted antlers anyway. And a tail.

  20. Sorry, I’ve been away from my computer for a few days and missed the part where it became all about ME. You are all so sweet for being keen to have an extra day out. Coogee is certainly very convenient, so give me a day to come up with a specific plan and I’ll post back here. xxx

  21. Of course, su, the goat’s head would have to have a decent voice 😉
    Orlando, any thoughts so far? (actually, this comment was a ‘bounce it back up there’ comment ;-))

  22. Well, the sun has been so outrageously fierce this last couple of weeks I for one feel sure my skin would thank me if we make it an early evening, rather than a lunchtime, thing. How about 5-ish on Sunday 17th, down the South end of Coogee beach, near where the kiddie corner attaches to the side of the ocean pool (do we have a cool city, or what)? Under the awning. Saturday is fine, too, I just thought people might have less on on Sunday. I think we can do no better than Tigtog’s original suggestion of F&C and a bottle. I have some lovely bubbly that I can’t take to NZ with me.

    • Sunday from 5-ish is fine for me, although I too can do Saturday if others find that easier. One of my favourite spots in Coogee, too!

  23. I can do Sunday from 5 :).

  24. Sunday from 5 is good, I’ll be there!

  25. **REMINDER: Hoyden Drinks Tomorrow, Sunday at 5pm**
    South end of Coogee Beach.
    I’m not quite sure how I’m going to mark it out – maybe I’ll just print a big “H” on a piece of paper and tape it to a rock.
    Also haven’t made wet weather backup plans. Does anyone remember whether the awnings over the concrete siding are waterproof, or just slats?
    Still, I’m sure it will all work out swimmingly!

    • Well done – I was going to bump this up to the front, and you beat me to it!
      I can’t remember whether those awnings are waterproof or not. I will have a big umbrella in my car, and perhaps my jacket if the forecast is unkind.
      From the BOM website:

      Forecast for Sunday
      A few showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Cloudy periods. A
      moderate to fresh south to southeast change in the morning.
      Precis: Afternoon showers/thunderstorms.

      Often, storms bypass Coogee and you can sit on the shore watching them do interesting things out at sea.

  26. I just realised that I didn’t confirm, but I will be there 🙂

  27. Confirming for me and a friend for the 3oth!

  28. One final bumpitude! So far, my list reads as follows:
    Chally + 1 mysterious friend (I lie; not that mysterious! ;-))
    Jo Tamar (pretty please? Say that your diary says yes, Jo, please say it!)
    Everyone else, please come along! The more the very much merrier! And lurkers, this means you! If you’re wondering whether to actually meet actual Hoydenizens, let me assure you that, having drunk champagne beside a beach last weekend with most of the above list plus a few extras, we’re all a pretty friendly bunch. And that the karaoke joint has a bar that serves social lubricant in both horribly sweet and properly hoppy flavours…! Just please, let me know ASAP if you want to come along, so I can book a big enough room!

  29. What are you talking about, WP, my friend is deeply mysterious!? And lurkers, don’t be scared of karaoke, I will sing badly enough for all of us. 🙂

  30. Okies, all booked (though if a 10th person were to come along, that’d be more than fine!). It’s looking like it’ll come out at about $18.50 each. If I can have that in cashymoney, that would be handy! So, 7-10, 185 Elizabeth St, in the basement. We’ll meet up the top of the stairs, though (where the security guard looks at you suspiciously). Closest cross street is Park, for those wondering. Also, I’m considering either drinking or eating and drinking before hand (warms up the vocal cords, don’t you know?); would anyone be up for meeting around 6 around the corner?

  31. Why yes, yes I would.

    (Be interested in meeting around 6 around the corner)

    Will be in possession of cash moneys.

  32. Sorry, didn’t realise I hadn’t confirmed (again 🙂 ). Yes, I’ll be there.
    What I meant was: I often find it difficult to think that far ahead, but the fact my diary didn’t have anything in it meant I was putting karaoke in it, and I don’t tend to bump things out for other things unless I’m going to be blacklisted by family for not turning up. And sometimes, not even then 😉
    But that wasn’t exactly clear from what I said!
    And I also:
    (1) would be interested in meeting up around the corner (which corner did you have in mind?)
    (2) will bring cash. Do you want it in a brown paper bag? 😉

  33. Eating and drinking sounds good, will tag along with Ariane in the hope that she knows which corner 😉

  34. I’d definitely be interested in meeting up earlier — as mimbles said, just so long as I know which corner. 🙂

  35. all we need now is for someone to make a crack about hanging out on street corners…

  36. I dunno about hanging out, but I’m definitely looking for the corner with Willy and the Poor Boys playing…

  37. Hmmmm…. I am about to demonstrate precisely how limited my html skillzers are:
    View Larger Map
    *that* corner. *That* one right there. And Jo, I have no idea what kind of an earner that corner is, I’m afraid, but feel free to find out! 😉

  38. I don’t especially want to eat beforehand, so I’ll head into town and wander downstairs in the The Laugh Garage to chat with a few people until 7pm when I’ll come upstairs and look around for you all.

  39. Hurrah for Hoydenish karaoke. I’ll take my sore throat to bed now

  40. I had loads of fun, it was so nice to see you all!

  41. Much fun 🙂 Many thanks to WP for organising us!

  42. 😀 I’m glad you all enjoyed! I had much fun. And suspect that Hoydeny karaoke will need to take place again, at some point!

  43. Excellent night indeed! I’d definitely be in for another one.
    I expect to see a deep and meaningful post on the fascinating lyrical variations we saw last night. There’s got to be some fodder in:
    “Lenin read a book on Mass”
    “Dig in, the dancing queen”
    and still my favourite for the night
    “We’re gonna go all the way in tonight”

  44. Teehee! That *was* a fun gag tigtog! I was pleased that miniFP was up late enough for me to let him know that I’d rickrolled proceedings! He’s a rickroll fanatic!
    And Ariane, ‘We’re gonna go all the way in tonight’ had me laughing aloud as I was dropping off to sleep. ‘This boots are made for walking’ wasn’t bad either but nothing was topping ‘all the way in’.

  45. Sounds like y’all had a fabulous time! I shall have to see if I can drag my arse up from Canberra if you arrange something similar again. 🙂

  46. We did and you should! I’ve just remembered my FAVOURITE part of the night though, when the sound suddenly cut out to ‘so people always think you can’t have sex with a Time Lord!!’. 🙂

  47. Well if you hadn’t interrupted our conversation about Time Lord sex by starting off the song in the first place!!!

  48. 🙂 Honestly one of the funniest ‘timing’ moments I’ve been witness to in a long time!

  49. Hey, Time Lord sex is a Very Important Topic of Conversation.

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