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  1. One of my faves on the telly this year was the Australian series Tangle, shown on the cable channel Showcase.
    It’s an interweaving of generations in Melbourne around ambition, greed and drive of the political/academic/entertainment parvenus and their relatives who are still in the trades: the adult leads are a dream casting (Justine Clarke, Ben Mendelsohn, Matt Day, Kat Manning, Catherine McClements, Joel Tobeck) and the young actors playing their teenage children (discovering love, lust, the thrills and danger of adulthood) are simply fantastic. The central theme is infidelities and untruths (past and present) and the ripple effect such actions have.
    Showcase has just started a repeat of Season 1 (Season 2 has been commissioned). Catch it on January 3rd in the morning if you can.

  2. End of millennium celebrations one year early!
    2009 fails – all this rubbish about Tiger Woods. It’s between him and his wife whom I feel very sorry for. She didn’t ask for this rain of crap (from the media) and I hope 2010 is better for her and her children.

  3. 2009 fails – Copenhagen and Tony Abbott spring immediately to mind.
    Moments of the decade: One of my favourite moments (in a train crash kinda way) was Melbourne turning the lights off in the CBD for 1999/2000 fireworks, and then turning them all back on again at the same time, thereby creating a surge that blew up hi tech equipment all over the CBD, doing infinitely more damage than the Y2K bug had any hope of doing.
    Much of the decade was lost in having 3 kids for me, I’m looking forward to reading more of other people’s comments.

  4. Will Phillips represents both Fave and Fail for 2009: Fave for him personally for refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance for social justice reasons, and Fail to the culture around him for making such a big deal of a kid refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

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