Thursday Cheezburger: Internet Indiscretions

Today’s Cheezburger Theme is: Internet Indiscretions!

dog meeting cat, both look scared/awkward. Capped AWKWARD: No matter how close you feel onlin, everything changes when you meet.

Up close picture of cat with mouth open, capped Self portrait kitteh puts self taken photoz on Myspaze

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6 replies

  1. I never meta lolcat that I didn’t like
    moar funny pictures
    and an oldie but a goodie
    moar funny pictures

  2. Indiscreet LOLdogs…
    see more dog and puppy pictures
    see more dog and puppy pictures

  3. Unashamed roflmao here. I love lolcats too. I was recently adopted by a chicken and I foresee all manner of fun to be had from her inscrutability and grace under pressure from my chihuahuas.

  4. From the RSPCA Tasmania site:
    Type Kitten
    Breed Domestic Medium Hair Cross
    Second Breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier emphasis added
    Sex Male Colour Black / White
    Desexed No Age 2Mths (approx)
    Size Small
    My health has been checked.
    My vaccinations are up to date.
    My worming is up to date.

  5. see more Lolcats and funny pictures
    see more Lolcats and funny pictures
    Hee. Hunting for appropriate lolcats lightened my mood considerably.

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