Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter is no otter! It’s a bouncing stoat, courtesy of The Daily Squee.

brown and white stoat bouncing high. Invisible dirtbike?

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Neil Gaiman blocked me from following him on Twitter.
    Which is okay, because the void was instantly filled with Leonard Nimoy. I’ve always loved his Full Body Project.

    • Ah, the Full Body Project is marvellous.
      I spent the afternoon at the National Gallery with the family and got totally absorbed by the Masters Of Paris exhibition. I’d never quite grokked the buzz about Van Gogh’s Starry Night before – reproductions simply don’t capture it at all.

  2. I was taken with an early – twentieth – century (or late nineteenth, I’m not sure) ghost story on Book Reading on RN and found a Google books scan here. On page 15 there is this pearler:

    …Wingate broke in. “The fellow may have been a villain – a foreigner generally is – and enticed her away…”

    “A foreigner generally is” – gobsmacking, absolutely gobsmacking. Pip-pip, chaps!

  3. Another find, via Bluemilk:
    Although the post is tongue in cheek, I think the reference to “pre school” and “teachers” FOR TWO YEAR OLDS is actually true for the US. I’ve seen references to this in other blogs. How f**ked up is that? Childcare should mean play, naps, food and more play. Are pushy USians really unaware that children do learn through play?

  4. Further on in online version of At Midnight: hero is deeply offended when he realises that in England “foreigner” includes himself (Australian) LOLZ.
    Also, interesting that his young wife also has a beer with her meals as a matter of course. When I was a gel in the 70s beer was coded male and not many women were expected to drink it. I’ve looked up the publication date in Wikipedia and it was late C19th. I love the stories of this period, infuriating though they are in many respects.

  5. New Dr Who! I’m guessing most Hoydens won’t have seen it yet, so I won’t say anything other than that I’m pleased so far.
    Helen – I’ve had almost the opposite experience. I just finished a Wilkie Collins novel which I was expecting to take a racist turn, but didn’t. There were ominous hints about the ‘Negro blood’ of one of the character’s which came to nothing.
    .-= Kirstente´s last blog ..News On The Equality Bill =-.

  6. Went to the supermarket to grab a couple of things on Friday night. The mum of a former friend of my son’s was there and I ended up behind her in the “12 items or less” lane. When she realised I was behind her she let out this huge sigh, like it was a big issue (previously we had exchanged hellos without problems). I wasn’t sure what this was about, so when she walked past me to go to the front counter to buy smokes I glanced in her direction, intending to smile, but she was obviously and deliberately avoiding my gaze. Then I gave up and ignored her and paid for my stuff and left. I told hubby about it later, and said it didn’t bother me except while I was telling him I realised that it really did. I have no idea why she is acting like this, nothing has happened with the kids and our previous interactions were limited to smiling and hellos and the occassional chat when the kids saw each other in the supermarket. It’s not like we were best mates or anything, just friendly acquaintances. I’m finding her current behaviour quite strange (to the best of my knowledge she doesn’t have any invisible disability, but I can’t say I know her that well). Anyway I’ve decided it’s probably best to pretend I don’t know her at all, and not buy into whatever is going on. Unless there is trouble with the kids.

  7. Hmmmmmmm!
    Looking at the Girl’s new reader for the “Introduction to Political Ideas” (subject 166-108) at Uni of Melbourne: The cover features a cartoon by “S. Katavska”(?) showing building workers on a site with a sign “Deconstruction site”. A woman is walking past and one of them yells “Show us your texts, love!”
    Political Ideas, hmmmmm?!

  8. Just had to pop into an open thread with two things:
    1) Just discovered this site, and spent a great deal of time reading multiple posts on feminism and disability, and wishing, wishing, wishing that I could voice my thoughts as well as many of you do. Unfortunately, I am one of those “swallow the shit and don’t ruin the afternoon” folk, more due to anxiety issues than anything else.
    2) On that note, I had to vent about this in a venue where someone might see it and care: I work for a major US corporation. I have been there for 6 years, since graduating with my BA, and I have had multiple issues with accessibility, but those were only minor complaints and as I said before, I wish I could voice my concerns as well as many writers here do. But recently, our health care provider changed our prescription plan, to include the fact that all long-term prescriptions must be sent in bulk (minimum three-month) quantities, and must be sent via mail by the insurance company’s contracted pharmaceutical supplier. Now, yes, this is cheaper, but it also means that if any of your meds require refrigeration, special handling, or are heavily legally controlled, you’re in for a nightmare.
    I’ve had the wrong drugs show up on my doorstep, I’ve had broken vials, frozen vials, and otherwise un-viable medication turn up, and I’ve been told that in order to get my pain medication, the company must ship to a local police station, and I have to go and pick it up between the hours of 9 and 5 on a weekday – time when I work. The system is, in fact, cheaper, and for the one scrip I have which is for simple pills, it’s great – but they’ve royally screwed the pooch on everything else, and no one at the company will even talk to me about this.
    When I stopped into my company’s Benefits Office to discuss this, a woman said, directly to my face, “Oh, you’re that girl that sometimes uses the handicapped parking and sometimes doesn’t,” very suspiciously. I was immediately nervous, before answering, “I have MS. It sort of comes and goes.”
    The reply? “I thought people in MS always needed wheelchairs all the time. That’s what they show on TV.”
    Me: “Umm… Well, anyway *describing situation with medication*” Her: “Are you also diabetic?”
    Me: “No… Why do you ask that?”
    Her: “They’re the ones that take injections.”
    Me: “Lots of people take injections for lots of things, lots of people have liquid medication.”
    Her: disbelievingly”Oh, really?”
    Me: “So about the prescriptions…”
    Her: “You’ll have to call Anthem (the insurance company).”
    Me: “I’ve tried that.”
    Her: “Well, keep trying big, patronizing grin Is there anything else I can help you with?”
    Seriously, it was like she had a form of CSI-Syndrome regarding illnesses and disabilities. It was even worse than dealing with the issues with the insurance provider. Why? Because I’m fairly sure that most of my fellow Americans have similar thoughts and views about MS, injections, etc.
    So I guess that’s two things I’m venting about.
    If nothing else, thanks for providing a venue for me to do so in, and I do look forward to reading further articles on this site.

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