Femmostroppo Reader – April 14, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Welcome Home
  • – “by Shaker bekitty, a New Zealand citizen who, until recently, was living with her partner in Knoxville, Tennessee. And she’s found that she’s not all that fond of riding around LA at night while handcuffed…Nobody should be dehumanised that way, no matter what they’ve done or who they are. No people with disabilities should be neglected in the way that we were. Nobody should disappear in custody the way I did. But these things happened.”

  • (Dr) Who ya gunna vote for?
  • – “How many Dr who in jokes can you jam into one election ad? *boggle*”

  • Carolyn Hax: Autistic grandchild's needs need not preclude outings
  • – THIS. For everybody whose rellos blame the kid with ASD (or you) for the autistic challenges.

  • Baby fat
  • – “Of all the benefits of exercise – relaxation, time to yourself, addressing insomnia, making you fitter/stronger/more flexible for the birth, enjoyment of your own body etc. – how do we sell it to mothers? Fat-hatred. And not even hating your own fat, because pregnancy means you cease to exist as a person, but hating your baby’s fat.”

  • The Treatment of Women in the X-Men Films
  • – “Until it was suggested that Batman was cooler because he had block-buster action flicks made about him and Kitty didn’t. And suddenly I wasn’t having fun anymore, I was angry. More than angry, I was furious. I still am furious. Because who does Hollywood make kick-arse action flicks about? Oh that’s right, able-bodied cis-men. Kick-arse women? (cis or trans*, especially trans*) Not so much.

    But there was an X-Men movie franchise, with actual cis-women in it! Rouge and Storm and Jean Grey and Phoenix! Oh, really? So I’m just supposed to jump for joy because there are women in these films? I don’t think so! The treatment of the female X-Men (hah!) in these films.”

  • What’s In A Rape Kit?
  • – photoessay

  • “Men’s Studies” Too Feminist For You? Meet “Male Studies”
  • – “Apparently, Male Studies was formed in order to study this phenomenon without the distraction of also occasionally thinking about women. So now, we need two separate disciplines devoted to studying men, because the first one just wasn’t devoted enough.”

  • Gut bacteria in Japanese people borrowed sushi-digesting genes from ocean bacteria
  • – “Zobellia is a seaweed-eater. It lives on, and digests, several species including those used to make nori. Nori is an extremely common ingredient in Japanese cuisine, used to garnish dishes and wrap sushi. And when hungry diners wolfed down morsels of these algae, some of them also swallowed marine bacteria. Suddenly, this exotic species was thrust among our own gut residents. As the unlikely partners mingled, they traded genes, including those that allow them to break down the carbohydrates of their marine meals. The gut bacteria suddenly gained the ability to exploit an extra source of energy and those that retained their genetic loans prospered.”

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  1. Oh, *fist-bump* to Carolyn Hax for standing up for the granddaughter! Call out that crap more often, Carolyn!
    The “Welcome Home post on Shakesville made me shiver; I’m a permanent resident of the US, married to a US citizen, and I’ve been pulled aside once. The whole system is completely corrupt.

  2. Thanks for the link-love Tigtog 🙂
    .-= PharaohKatt´s last blog ..The Thousand Voices =-.

  3. I did “male studies” as an undergraduate, except it was called “most humanities subjects”.
    Also, I’m astounded at how much Sean Pertwee resembles his dad. If they ever want to do an “Eleven Doctors” story, he could easily stand in as Three.

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