Femmostroppo Reader – April 23, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Lesbian athletes just can't win
  • – “So if you think it’s easy out there for lesbian and bisexual women in sports, think again. Homophobia is rife at every level: pro and collegiate, coaches and athletes, in the box seats and in the bleachers. Despite (or because of?) the use of “lesbian” as a denigrating label for women in sports, almost no athletes or coaches are out. Whether or not policies are explicit as Coach Portland’s, many are compelled to shut up about their orientation for fear of losing their scholarship, their place on the team, their endorsements, or their job.”

  • Further Developments In #Boobquake (No Pun Intended)
  • – Up until a moment ago I was unaware of the Boobquake campaign. I won’t be taking part either.

  • Monstrous Musings: Got Vampire Privilege?: The Whiteness of Twilight
  • – “the saga upholds dominant ideas about race that associate whiteness with civility, beauty, and intellect on the one hand, and indigenous people with animality and primitivism on the other.”

  • Lane Bryant's curvy models censored?
  • – “Regardless of the truth behind this ad war, it is safe to say that many -myself included, I shamefully admit – would find something unnerving about these full-figured women. They are formidable, healthy-looking and robust. They are va-va-voom. Watched alongside the Victoria’s Secret commercial, these two ads are a feminist critique of pop culture that writes itself. Together, they speak volumes about the pressure women feel to be thin, fragile and take up less space. Because that is the type of femininity we’re comfortable with, not the kind you see in the Lane Bryant ad.”

  • Stickers! Need I say more?
  • – “Aussies: free anti-racism stickers here. Yes free, including free postage.”

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4 replies

    • I see your point – although I think it’s referring to party drugs rather than medication. It’s not as clear as it could be though.

  1. It’s probable the sticker means party drugs, but from the picture and the phrasing my first thought was neuromeds. I’ve actually heard people say that anti-depressants are meant to give boring people a personality :/
    .-= Pharaohkatt´s last blog ..The Thousand Voices =-.

    • I’ve actually heard people say that anti-depressants are meant to give boring people a personality :/

      Well that’s certainly a stereotypical view of depression, isn’t it?

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