Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter

I am a Lion! (100 points* to anyone who gets the reference)

a wildly tilted shot of the Tanzanian bush

Lioness steals camera and takes photo of Tanzanian bush

This photo was taken by a lioness who stole a robo-cam and gave it a damn good chew-over. The camera was borked with its case mangled and cracked open, but they managed to retrieve the chip. More photos at the linked story if you click on the pic.

* HaT points not redeemable for anything other than bragging rights
actually redeemable for a double pass to go and see Die Roten Punkte – the Sydney Comedy Festival gave me some freebies as giveaways, so @curiosities gets one!

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  1. Curiosities, because I also run an Oz comedy website I have some freebie giveaways, and one of them is a double pass to see Die Roten Punkte this week at the Sydney Comedy Festival. You can go tonight, tomorrow night or Saturday night – when do you want to hit the town?

  2. P.S. I actually have quite a few double-passes to shows to give away. Check them out on Gagging For It (Oz Comedy News).

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