#nocleanfeed – Aust Govt delays introducing net filter legislation

From the Oz

A spokeswoman for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said yesterday the legislation would not be introduced next month’s or the June sittings of parliament.

With parliament not sitting again until the last week of August, the laws are unlikely to be passed before the election.

Vote Green, Green, Green in the Senate, y’all. Then this ridiculous law won’t get passed after this next election either.

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  1. Ohh I don’t know…delaying the legislation until after the next election allows Conroy to say that they have taken the policy to two elections and have a clear mandate to implement.
    Delaying the issue takes it off the agenda until after the election and then it is too late to object.

    • That’s a highly cynical view, Brian – but you could well be correct.
      I crossposted this to LP, and there’s been a bit of discussion there. This interesting link was posted: IFPI’s child porn strategy, which quotes various entertainment industry anti-piracy figures bragging about how effective a tactic scaremongering about child pornography can be in pushing for the acceptance of the idea of filtering the internet, to combat already criminal child pornography. which can then push for the filters to be targeting civil litigation matters such as copyright infringement.

  2. I always vote Green for the Senate. 🙂

  3. This is a relief, even if it’s only a temporary one. I’ve been sitting here in the USA thinking, “we could be next.” Not next, I suppose — but eventually. Us and our two-party system.

  4. Tigtog, you’re forgetting Michael Organ in Cunningham (2002-04), though those were exceptional circumstances.

  5. [Bartlett] may quite possibly be the first Federal Greens MP

    If Brisbane turned Green this election then so would a few other seats, so he’d have to share that honour (not a bad thing mind you).

  6. @tigtog It can be done*!
    *with the magic of preferential voting 🙂
    The internet filtering scheme seems to be designed to lose Labour the youth vote. So silly.
    Voting Green, but suspect the probability of them doing something equally as silly will increase if they control significantly more seats than they do now. It’ll be fun to see how they go.

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