Whoydensday: Mid-season Series 5 – whaddayareckon?

NB: Here in the Antipodes we have just seen S5:Ep07 Amy’s Choice – please be spoiler aware for episodes beyond this!

We’re actually a bit past the middle of this season – already.

Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Matt Smith (The Doctor) looking fiercely pensive inside the TARDIS

I’m enjoying the characters (especially Amy Pond’s habit of almost nonchalant problem-solving), but despite Moffat’s talking them down I am seeing the budget cuts in the costume and special effects for the aliens and monsters, and I wish the Beeb hadn’t cut back like this. They are raking it in from Doctor Who on the sales of not just the series itself but all the associated merchandise – why cut costs like that on their biggest moneymaker?

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  1. I’m all a bit over Amy…another love lorn lass and her sappy boyfriend. That said I would probably try and snog him at least once.
    There is a woman character in the latest “The Hungry Earth” who I think would make a good companion. Won’t happen but she seemed pretty cool.
    I’m thinking of making a petition “Richard Armitage for Doctor”

  2. The boyfriend is an interesting addition, isn’t he? I guess without him we wouldn’t have had the clever plot in “Amy’s Choice”, but I’m hoping he doesn’t hang around too long.
    I’m warming to the new Doctor, but am still waiting for him to show something like David Tennant’s charisma 😦
    I loved the episodes from last season with the Master – John Sim and Tennant were really quite brilliant together, giving us glimpses of Time Lords’ inner turmoils. Fantastic stuff, which unfortunately may not be repeatable without them.

  3. I wish Amy had more characterization. She doesn’t feel like a real person to me. The Doctor, on the other hand – Steven Moffat has nailed him. Loving most of the episodes, and Amy’s Choice was one of my favorites. Not the dream of one person, but all three . . .

  4. I’m really loving Amy. She’s an awesome character, and I love watching her light up when something exciting happens. I think I’m also in the minority who also loves Rory. It brings such a better dynamic to have him traveling with the two of them. And Amy’s Boys! It’s wonderful!

  5. I am surprised at how much I’m loving this season. I adore Amy so much. I think she does need a little bit more development, but mostly I just love her.
    Mostly I am loving the lack of female sacrificial deaths! The guest stars have been mostly women and all awesome and they still manage to live at the end of their episode!

  6. I’m absolutely loving this season — I wish there were fewer deaths of characters of colour, but I’m enjoying the range of sexy older women who aren’t punished or treated as a joke. And I love that Amy gets to be as strange and funny as the Doctor, which is unusual for a companion (especially a human companion).
    What I am not loving is the fandom’s new hobby of slut shaming in the guise of “feminist” concern, but it wouldn’t be Doctor Who fandom if it wasn’t making me facepalm in some respect.

  7. I’m afraid that I gave up after Vampires in Venice. It’s just not grabbing me. After David Tennant I’m finding the new guy less than engaging (Skepticlawer suggests it’s just because he’s a younger, less experienced actor) and the repeat of the “there is something wrong with the universe” trope across an entire season is irritating.

  8. Does anyone else find the way that the Dr speaks to Amy annoying? Is it just me? He can be really nasty to her, and then when she turns around and finds the solution he doesn’t even thank her. Maybe it’s because he is young and I’m still getting used to it. I just don’t remember the nastiness in previous doctors.

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