It’s All Jezza’s fault

Certain People in my family have a great fondness for the boofy turbo-boosted mayhem that is Top Gear. I confess the laddish antics often make me laugh as well, although of course there are Those Other Moments Of Which The Less Is Said The Better.

the three Top Gear presenters seen from the rear, looking over a precipice, captioned with one of the show's post popular sound-bites: TOP GEAR - at the cutting edge of cocking about

However, I appear to have developed a tendency to come over a bit Clarkson after some exposure to his regular outbreaks of going ape. Bellowings such as “why the hell did you do it that way?” and “no no no that’s just an accident waiting to happen” pass from my lips.

Shock and horror alert: apparently a middle-aged woman carrying on like a pork chop at minor irritations is no laughing matter. Not At All.

Jeremy Clarkson is on the lawn outside a large house, wearing a sandwich-board and bellowing into a megaphone.  The sandwich-board reads *I'm Better Than You

My solution to this problem is that they will have to watch it less to avoid the dreaded Jeremy exerting his pernicious influence upon me. Aghast stares resulted – this is apparently Just Not On.

They Have Been Warned.

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  1. Goodness! And to think the side-effects of me watching Top Gear is a grin you can’t wipe off my face (which I totally blame the ridiculously prett Richard Hammond for).
    That pipe picture is absolutely legendary.

  2. Even The Hamster has his darker side:

  3. Paul, I was unaware of that incident, but it’s the one aspect of the show that pulls me up short every now and then – the smug bigotry aimed at a variety of targets.
    I get that it’s “just blokey humour”, but that’s part of the problem – the just-not-seeing that humour can be a weapon as much as it can be a toy, and that many of their jokes perpetuate harmful attitudes.

  4. What a complete crock.
    So Diaz swore a couple of times. Most celebs do, and it gets beeped out.

  5. Tig – I don’t mind Ham flipping the bird. I just like to look at him as he enthuses about cars.
    Top Gear has its less than sterling moments, but I enjoy it for the most part.

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