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Posted on Twitpic July 27, 2010 by valshopaholic | Stephen Fry in conversation with Jennifer Byrne at the Sydney Opera HouseLast night 2500 Sydneysiders provided the most charming theatrical moment I have ever been privileged to share as they gasped as one at the revelation that Stephen Fry was unaware of the existence, let alone the gustatory delights, of the noble Australian Tim-Tam (in response to a question from the Twitterverse relayed by Jennifer Byrne).

It was not just a gasp of shock, but one of simple concern as fellow human beings that such a trencherman, with such a sweet tooth as he had told us about earlier in the evening, had somehow missed out during all his previous trips to our wide brown land. I do hope that some kind soul introduced him to a Tim Tam Slam (I like them with Black Russians) in the Green Room ASAP. If she’s half the woman I think she is, Jennifer Byrne would surely have done the honours.

I have a foreboding that his room was filling with deliveries of artful arrangements of same chocolate treat well before he got back after the show. I do hope, if so, that the best will be shared via Twitter sometime today.

“I’ll be inebriated with the exuberance of my verbosity.” ~ Stephen Fry

As for the rest of the night, we were enthralled and transported by Mr Fry’s mastery of words, love of knowledge and occasional razor-sharp impressions of assorted luminaries (won’t spoil who for the audience tonight). Luckily for those who couldn’t be there, our ABC was filming the night, so no doubt you will get your chance to see it in due time.

BTW, as he reminisced on performing Shakespeare at Cambridge before he joined the Footlights, I suddenly had a vision of him as Malvolio. Of course he’s been cast in that role, and what a lovely bit of cross-gartering it is.

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  1. Oh dear. I don’t think this was a deliberate pun.

    Description: a screenshot of the SMH review of Fry’s performance, titled *Inciteful, erudite and charming *
    The review is otherwise quite nicely done.

  2. *green with envy*

    but what was he inciting exactly?

  3. I’m going to see him tonight! I can’t wait. 😀
    And now I want Tim Tams…

  4. Oh, the Twelfth Night image is precious!

  5. Beppie, you will have a marvellous time, I’m sure.
    orlando, I was so chuffed to find that pic!

  6. Luckily for those who couldn’t be there, our ABC was filming the night, so no doubt you will get your chance to see it in due time.
    Brilliant! I was so kicking myself for being poor when I heard he was coming to Melbourne. I was almost going to camp outside the theatre with an empty glass pressed against the wall.

  7. I can happily report that last night was just as much fun as Tuesday night seems to have been. He ate his first Tim Tam in front of us! 😀
    And there were many stories about his childhood, about prison and his first meetings with people like Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Rowan Atkinson, etc… It was so strange and wonderful to hear about all these people who have been part of my life via the television screen (and sometimes the cinema) for so many years discussed as, well, part of his life.

  8. He ate his first Tim Tam in front of us! 😀

    And what was his report?

  9. Oh good! Now we can rest easy knowing he has received a proper Aussie gastronomic education.
    Btw, I just checked and the “inciteful” review has been edited finally 🙂

  10. He enjoyed the Tim Tam very much, and described it using words that I now cannot remember. Then he told us all about his boyhood sugar addiction. 🙂

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