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What a morning!

1. Son missed early bus to school to be there for excursion bus. Had to drive him 3/4 of way until close enough to walk and still make deadline.
2. Daughter has lower back pain for 5 days now – need to buy her a lumbar back support and organise X-ray for after school.
3. Husband has a workshop day at different location than usual – needs a lift.
4. While on way to do #2 and #3, school rings to say that son was supposed to be in uniform, not mufti as he had thought, for the excursion. He has to come home and change, then is supposed to return to school and not go on excursion. As I have already paid for excursion, I insist that I will deliver him to excursion venue myself.
5. Chemist not open yet when I drop of hubby. Bugger.
6. Drive daughter to school, no chemist open on the way. Promise to buy support and deliver to school later.
7. Pick up son to take home and change.
8. Drive to Olympic Park (!) to deliver him to excursion venue. We beat the school bus by 5 minutes.
9. Go to chemist warehouse on Parramatta Rd and buy back support plus other useful things.
10. Drive to daughter’s school to deliver back support.
11. Drive home, blog, collapse.
12. Shortly, organise that X-ray.

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  1. Oh my….! *hands you a stiff drink and bets you’re glad it’s not still July*

  2. Things can only get better from here, surely. I hope the rest of the day is less stressful for you.

  3. I’m at the xray place now. There have been more adventures. Will tell you all the detail later!

  4. But of course being a mother doesn’t count as work, does it? Commiserations on this day. Hope tomorrow is calm and stress-free.

  5. Wow, that’s more work than I do in a week. I think that means you get to eat a week’s worth of chocolate. Hope the medical stuff isn’t anything serious and resolves itself soon.

  6. Oh, goodness me. I hope everyone is okay. I was wandering down Parramatta Rd today myself, but in the afternoon, so I guess we can’t have passed each other!

    • Oh, I only just realised that people might think my further adventures involved medical stuff for daughter – nope, just getting the Xray – she’s still got back pain, but no nasty referred pain or numbness, so nothing too dramatic.
      There were just a whole heap of extra annoyances in the process of getting the Xray sorted out, and then this evening we had to go to subject choice information night for Year 10s going on to Year 11, so we’ve just come home and flopped. Catching up on last week’s episode of Tangle now while this week’s episode is recording.

  7. Hugs, tigtog.

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