Man of the people instinct my arse

Anybody who thinks that Tony Abbott’s decision to eschew the designated stage at Rooty Hill last night to stand down on floor level in front of the audience wasn’t pure stagecraft, cynically planned by (an admittedly clever) PR pro who realised what a contrast it would make to Julia Gillard’s position on the stool at centre stage, I have just one question for you:

A photo of the famous Millau Viaduct bridge in southern France

Do you want to buy a bridge?

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  1. LOL. I just looked up what “Want to buy a bridge?” means.

  2. Well he is a ‘man of the people’.
    It’s just that some people are more ‘peoplely’ than other lesser people.
    The non-preferred people includes:
    indigenous people
    gay and lesbian people [they induce ‘discomfort’]
    non virginal unmarried female type people who have wasted their gift
    non breeding female type people who are therefore unqualified to hold major public positions
    working class type people who need to defer to the boss type people when it comes to industrial affairs
    people who arrive in Oz in little boats as compared to those people who fly here in planes
    people who are not Cardinal Pell devotees
    rural people who want modern broadband [I’m one of them, why does he hate me so?]
    The list is probably about half complete and is getting too long already, maybe, just maybe, the post is correct, maybe Abbott isn’t really a ‘man of the people’.

  3. Oh man. I hate to think how many of the boxes my personhood ticks off that makes Tony Abbott consider me not important enough to help through policy. Or even disadvantage through policy.

    Grammar not my strong point presently.

  4. Kite, you’d never heard it before? The iconic bridge attached to the urban legend is the Brooklyn Bridge, of course – I just thought I’d update it to the Millau Viaduct.
    Back on topic. v. depressing how much positive coverage Abbott’s got for such a cynical trick.

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