Who’d be a NSW voter?

the badge of the State Parliament of NSWThe swings, the roundabouts, the highs, the lows. On the one hand I am thrilled by the conscience vote result that pushes legislation opening adoption to same-sex couples another step forward.

On the other hand I’m flabbergasted by our politicians cruising porn sites on their Parliamentary computers. Fred Nile seems to be having some memory problems though:

Fred Nile says he’s never watched pornography and is standing by his staff.

Now, even if the voters believe his explanation, is this what he’s telling us? That finally, all these years after famously watching it multiple times in order to catalogue every act of perversion, he’s admitting that Caligula wasn’t pornography after all?

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  1. In all honesty, I think our biggest dilemma is that neither side are worth voting for…. and haven’t been for some time… and what’s the geniune, government-forming alternative? Hopefully there’s some decent Greens candidates for the next election. Here’s to another “Green-sweep”!

  2. Barry O’Farrell must be anxiously trying to remember if he got up to anything regretable in his Uni days. Barring a huge, and it would have to be pretty spectacular, scandal he is the next Premier of NSW for a couple of terms at least. Could be a good time for the Greens to become a political force in NSW, although I expect they could be largely Sydney based. Will be interesting to see the outcome. A shame that Kristina is captaining a sinking ship, she has been really quite good I think.

  3. Hopefully there’s some decent Greens candidates for the next election.

    There are and not all are city based, although the seats with the best chance are in the city.
    Legislative Council:
    1: David Shoebridge – Woollahra Councillor
    2: Jan Barham – Byron Shire Mayor
    3: Jeremy Buckingham – Orange City Councillor
    4: Lesa de Leau – Rockdale Deputy Mayor
    5: Chris Harris – Sydney City Councillor
    Legislative Assembly:
    Marrickville: Fiona Byrne – Marrickville Deputy Mayor
    Balmain: Jamie Parker (may not be official) – Leichhardt Mayor
    Coogee: Sue Doran – Local activist
    Three or four of the Legislative council seats are a possibility. Balmain and Marrickville are The Greens best chance in the lower house with Coogee and Blue Mountains the next best.

  4. Rather be a NSW voter than a Victorian voter. At least you have interesting stuff happening. Our guys are all like:
    “We think crime is bad.”
    “Yes, quite bad.”
    “Crime is so bad.”
    “Mmm, perhaps we will build a road one day somewhere.”
    “Yes, perhaps a small road.”
    With both trying to be as bland as possible to avoid adverse media.

  5. The Amazing Kim, you forgot to mention Football.
    Cannot have any conversation in Victoria without mentioning “teh footie”

  6. The conscience vote may push adoption access for same-sex couples a little closer, but the amendment put forward by Frank Sartor and agreed to in order to pass the bill has the potential to have some adverse effects.
    The text of the amendment completely removes adoption services from complying with the Anti-Discrimination Act. They can’t discriminate against the child but they could potentially discriminate against applicants or anyone else in the course of providing adoption services. For example, they could unfairly discriminate against someone because of their disability. The Adoption Act already contained sufficient protection for the birth parents wishes and potential parents have to pass through rigorous procedures. The amendment to the Adoption Act to include same-sex couples was already going to exclude faith-based adoption services but the additional amendment to the Anti-Discrimination Act widens the potential exemptions. Due to the small number of adoptions, I find it unlikely that this amendment will be a political priority to be changed in the future even if cases of discrimination do manage to come to light. It will simply be tough luck for anyone unfairly discriminated against.
    Amendment to Anti-Discrimination Act:
    59A Adoption services
    (1) Nothing in this Act affects any policy or practice of an organisation or person providing adoption services under the Adoption Act 2000 or anything done to give effect to any such policy or practice.
    Note. Section 8 (1) (a) of the Adoption Act 2000 requires decision makers to follow the principle that, in making a decision about the adoption of a child, the best interests of the child, both in childhood and in later life, must be the paramount consideration.
    (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to discrimination against any child who is or may be adopted.

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