Our best sign yet that we are doing something right.

Content note: child rape.

When Roman Polanski calls the hope for gender equality “idiotic”, what I don’t think is “I must remember to get more of my advice on relationships between men and women from a man who rapes little girls.” No, I get one of those great moments of clarity where it is confirmed beyond all doubt which is the side that no decent human being would ever want to be on.

With George Pell about to give evidence before the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse, we had better leave a space ready for him to make up the triumvirate, with Polanski and Nick Ross, of repugnant men who should never give anyone advice about sex or morality, ever. Ever ever ever.

Didion at Feminéma, who has just become my new favourite person, has written this response to comments made by Polanski at a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, where he continues to be welcome.

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  1. OMG, that article! If only it really was satire.

  2. I just booed the TV when Pell’s face come on for the 7:30 report. I knew he’d be a weaselly apologist for the church’s decisions but he was far worse than I expected.

  3. Well, that’s the trifecta, then.

  4. Roman Polanski???
    What’s he doing out of jail, anyway?

  5. Hey, thanks, Orlando for this shout-out! You wouldn’t believe how many people have clicked over to my site, for which I’m very grateful.
    LOVE this site. Looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Welcome, Didion! I found your blog via a friend’s FB page, so now I have lots of back-reading to do. Naturally, we Aussies love a Judy Davis fan.

  7. Urghh, Pell’s testimony. I was thinking to myself, is this guy a sociopath or something – he has zero empathy – and then heard the quote by the family of two victims who pretty much said the same thing because of his response in person to them.
    I really believe he doesn’t care about the victims – he’s concerned with how it affects the Church, how it just won’t go away and how inconvenient it is for him. What kind of person doesn’t care? Doesn’t feel for the victims (I use victims rather than survivors because so many didn’t survive through suicide), doesn’t think they have to be the priority (and protecting future vulnerable children)?
    I feel so much rage. I don’t like hating someone but I deeply loathe him.

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