Owl! in a hat!

a hand holding a small owl - the owl is wearing a hat

Owl In Hat

This cheered me up. I have no idea of the backstory, the link to the image just appeared on twitter. If anybody knows who knitted the hat and why, please let me know.

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  1. Hehe…too cute. Owl looks like s/he would also like to know why! 🙂

  2. So cute. I wonder if it is supposed to make up for not having a parent owl to warm you with their wings and body?

  3. Thanks for the new desktop picture. It was past time to change from my current “bi-polar bear”.
    No idea why this owl is wearing a hat, but can find lots of “owl hat” patterns to make.
    *sighs for teh cute*

  4. Well, when I wear hats it’s because I need a haircut, or the weather’s very cold, or I don’t want to hear what’s going around me, or I’m riding on a bicycle.
    So perhaps this little owl is planning to ride its bike through the snow on the way to the featherdresser.
    Or perhaps, like pet falcons wear those groovy aviator hoods to stop them being tempted by good-looking things, owls wear hats covering their ears to stop them hearing rustling mice.
    Or maybe it’s like those collars for dogs that stop them licking their stitches, except it’s to stop him scratching his head.
    Maybe the little owl has head-explodey disease, and constant external pressure is the only way to keep him in a singular piece.
    The possibilities are endful.

  5. Oh – and a demotivational poster:

  6. A very demotivational poster. It has a grammar mistake 😦

    I love that owl.

    • Heh – I wondered who would be the first to spot that!
      *memo to would-be l33t-hax0rs expressing scorn – it only works if the misspellings are obviously twists rather than errors*
      [edited to correct obligatory ironic typo – oops]

  7. Mrs. Weasley knitted that hat for that owl. You just know it.

  8. Of course she did! She probably knitted more for all its sibs, too.

  9. I have fixed the grammar error 🙂

  10. this thread is going to leave a smile on my face all day – the owl by itself would have been cake but the rest is pure icing 🙂

  11. Aviating Athena Tigtog, that is cute.

  12. Aviating Athena

    *Steals for collection of awesome oaths*

  13. you are welcome

  14. How’s it sit?
    Pretty Cunning don’t you think?

  15. This isn’t real. It’s been Photoshopped.
    The lighting on the yarn near the knot is wrong, and the edges where it meets the owl’s face and the person’s hand are too smooth.

  16. I agree Lbetch…if you stare at it enough, you can see the little drop shadow put around the rim of the hat around the owl’s face. It’s photoshopped, granted a VERY good and quite adorable photoshop, but a photoshop none the less.

  17. You’re probably right. It’s a neat job though.
    I still adore it.

  18. Bugger that, I want to live in a world where owls wear hats.

  19. Me too TAK! If pugs can wear tutus, dammit owls can totally wear adorable hats.

  20. Me too! By the by that’s a Jane Hat from firefly ” If a man walks down the street in a hat like that people know he is no scared of anything!”

  21. Yeah, not really even a good photoshop, it sticks out way too much, but i too wish i could live in a world where owls wear hats.

  22. well, no. it’s not Jayne’s hat.

  23. That is just the best thing I have seen all year. I do not know who put that adorable hat on that adorable owl, or why, but it was a stroke of absolute genius! This is one of those photos that actually makes life a little better.

  24. Hmmm…
    It looks photoshoped.

  25. By the by that’s a Jane Hat from firefly

    close but no cigar. jayne hat has red earflaps, not ties that go underneath. orange for the first 3” or so, then yellow up to the top, not striped. the top is a pompom. 😀
    i knit them for friends and family, i spent a ridiculously long time analyzing the show and the dvd extra (with jayne wearing it and singing the ballad of jayne) to get the right yarns and get the pattern down. ::grin::

  26. That’a a browncoat owl, a big damn owl in a big damn hat.

  27. photo shopped. sorry to disappoint

  28. *wondering vaguely why so many people want to disillusion us about nice things*

  29. Or why they didn’t just note that the point had already been made…several times…
    Anyway: pic of owl in a hat (no matter whose and no matter if fake) is v cute.

  30. All I can say is I like the hat very much. It takes a special person to were a hat like that. Maybe, That’s just a smart bird that see’s the good in others. Or, maybe I’m just fooling myself….

  31. I like all owls. I like this little owl with hat. It’s cute! Irena

  32. Noone cares if it’s photoshopped, it could have a sticker on it that says, “yes, this is 100% photoshopped”, and I’m sure the same people who liked it before, would still like. Get a new hobby…..

  33. Loos kinda cunning, don’t ya think?

    • OK, newcomers. Any more comments that just assert whether or not this photo is simply Photoshopped without actually bothering to respond to the spirit of the original post in the context of a long history of whimsical posts on this blog are hereby declared tedious in the extreme.

      Unless you can come up with something more interesting to add, your comment will be replaced by some image that appeals to me right at the moment that I see your tediosity in the moderation queue.

  34. who cares if its photoshopped? Its amazing! XD

  35. this is too cutee!

  36. I could tell right away that this was photoshopped, but only because that owl’s head is to small to fit into that hat. How **** am I?
    Still a cute pic.

    [ableist language redacted ~ moderator]

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