Marry, shag or throw off a cliff – US Open mens edition

Is this it for Roger Federer? Is Rafael Nadal the new world beating champion? Could Novak Djokovic take the crown in the next couple of years? More importantly which one would you Marry, Shag or Throw off a Cliff?

Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal


Novak Djokovic

(images from various websites via Google)

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  1. Marry Federer (I like a man who can cry) shag Nadal (any question?) and cliff Djokovic…not much of a tennis watcher so I know nothing about them other than Federer gets dissed when he gets weepy which I wish people wouldn’t do (the dissing not the crying), and I did watch an entire Nadal match just because he looked so lovely playing.

  2. This seems like a good spot to drop the link to some of my Gratuitous Roger Federer Blogging from a few years ago.

  3. Oh my word! That is a rather fetching pic in that link tigtog!

  4. Have I mentioned before that I think Federer looks eerily like Percy from Blackadder?

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