Can’t blog

Too many last-minute errands before sprog the younger heads off on school trip to France this evening.

Which reminds me that what with school holidays arriving this week, the traditional slowdown for posting from Lauredhel and myself is well under way. Guest post/crosspost submissions at school holiday time are more than usually welcomed! (hint, hint)

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  1. How exciting! I hope they have a wonderful time.
    I’m off to visit the UK (I live in the US, but was born in the UK) and family on Tuesday. Can’t wait!

  2. How lovely for your sprog. And a big step for you too huh? First time a child of yours has been away from you overseas, no?

  3. How exciting for her!! I’m sure she’ll have a great time 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you, too!
    Two more sleeps here till our eldest finishes school and disappears under her pile of HSC revision notes and practice exams. You were one of her first visitors when she was born. A nice memory 🙂

  4. Awww… exciting/tough time for you, I’m thinking.
    Would you like a piece questioning why directors so often like to have Hamlet beat up Ophelia?

  5. Laurel, a trip to the UK is always fun, seeing as you can’t avoid seeing historical/scenic bits in between visiting the rellos.
    blue milk- yes, it is the first time she’ll be travelling so far away from us. Her teachers have done this sort of school trip many times before though, and she’s a sensible kid. She’ll be fine.
    Sheryl, how time flies! Best wishes for her success in those infernal exams.
    orlando, I like the sound of that piece on Hamlet and ophelia – yes please.

  6. Know what you mean! Keep meaning to blog but…
    Best of luck to Sprog the Younger! Will come up with something to post if I can.

  7. Had a few SMS exchanges with her during her stopover in Dubai. It was sunrise there – I hope she got the chance for a photo over the desert, but I don’t know what the view is like from the airport. If it’s like most airports, probably not too crash hot.

  8. A school excursion to France? Wow. Last year a few of us complained to our local state high school when the year ten Japanese class was offered a $3000 excursion to Japan to enhance their learning. We felt that some young people who could not afford to go would be disadvantaged due to socioeconomic status, which kind of goes against principles of public education.

    We were ignored.

    • @Linda, isn’t this a fact about most extracurricular activities offered by public schools? That students who can’t afford the activities will miss out on something that could enhance their learning? An overseas trip is just a larger, more obvious example.
      I don’t deny that this is yet one more example of socioeconomic disparity leading to unequal access – but I don’t think the answer is for public schools to not offer/engage in extracurricular activities at all.
      Never mind though, your subtext that I’m a horrible middle-class hypocrite with respect to social justice has been received loud and clear. You may now wallow in the success of your passive-aggressive shaming tactic.

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