Thursday Cheezburger: A Life Of Crime

And the theme this Thursday is… A life of crime.

two cats on their haunches looking like lookouts. One is saying The Humans Haz Left the Fridge, I repeat the Humans Has Left The Fridge. The other says Missionz Meat Luverz Is Now In Affect Grabz As Much Tuna And Pigz As U Can And Run Like Hell. A voice off screen responds Rodger. The whole is captioned Burgular Kittiez Are Here

Three raccoons peer out from a drainage hole at the side of the road. Captioned: r da cops gone yet?  yes.were safe

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3 replies

  1. i swear, officer! da cookies just disappeared while i wuz fixing the curtains dat magicly flew off da window!

    Name: Fluffy
    Crime: Assault and battery of upholstery with intent to shred.

  2. CSI kitteh iz collecting evidenze

    come find me when you have proof.

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