Kate Harding nails it

Black font on white background - a ligature for the three letters W T FA USAmerican couple have put up a website asking the Internet whether they should choose to complete her pregnancy or terminate it. Of course it’s a pro-life/anti-choice stunt, as detailed by Jeff Fecke at Blog of the Moderate Left: Anti-Choice Trolling Fail. The couple have a history of far-right culture warrior activism which indicates that are blatantly setting up for a big “wow, how horrible pro-abortion folks are” or “wow, how wonderful pro-life people are”, depending on the poll results, when they inevitably announce either that they are proceeding with the pregnancy or that there was in fact never any pregnancy at all.

The big point is, they’re totally missing that asking other people to make the choice for you, as to whether to complete a pregnancy, is the exact opposite of what supporting reproductive freedom for all women, to determine how many children they have and how those children will be spaced, is all about. So Kate fixed their poll for them:

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  1. Oh, SNAP.

  2. The originators of that site have now confessed that they never meant to let the Internet decide whether they would terminate her pregnancy, but insist that this doesn’t make it a hoax.

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