Can you offer emergency animal foster care in Brisbane area?

A fundraising poster for the Queensland RSPCA

Can you donate?

Several RSPCA animal shelters are flooded or about to be. I’m donating, since I’m too far away to foster.

Please only call RSPCA QLD hotlines if you have an animal emergency.

Our phone lines are currently being blocked with calls for generous offers of help – we appreciate this out pouring of offers, but we are unable to attend to emergency calls while fielding all other calls. Please see the below methods for the lost appropriate way to contact the RSPCA during this busy time.


Please email if you are able to offer help or assistance.

Foster an Animal: Those offering Foster placement for animals in flood affected areas please email stating:

• your name;

• contact details;

• location details; and,

• what animals and numbers of animals you can take in and shelter.


Financial donations: Please try to free up the phone lines and donate via our website

Physical donations and goods: at this time we have no place to store current goods or physical donations. Please hold on to these, till we are in a place to accept any donations. Currently the best method of assistance is financial, as housing, storing and transporting donated goods is proving to be difficult.

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  1. Oh, thank you for posting this! I am in the area so should definitely be able to arrange something.

    • Onya, jeneli! Good luck with comforting the wee distressed beasties.
      Admin note: I’ve just made this post sticky so that it stays at the top of the front page.

  2. Good luck everyone.
    I’ll try and donate when we get our new credit cards. We had to cancel the old ones. The number was hacked somehow and used to buy groceries in California.
    Middle of lest year we had big fires here in Flagstaff, AZ. The Coconino Humane Society had to evacuate all their animals to the animal shelter I work for. The next day another fire cause us to evacuate. So over 100 animals were moved for a week, including many owned animals of evacuated people. Crazy times was had by all. Everyone pulled together and the community support was overwhelming. Sometimes you can have just too many volunteers 🙂
    A few months later the damage from the fires caused the rains to turn into mudslides and floods. We didn’t have to leave but got owned animal in again from the locals who had half a river through their house.

  3. I would love to offer emergency accomodation for your animals. I can be contacted on [redacted for privacy]. I have two Border Collie Dogs and 1.5 acre, so there should be plenty of room.

  4. Just to say that the RSPCA just got 3000 emails(!) offering assistance yesterday/today and their email system promptly crashed–there shouldn’t be any need to resend emails if you sent one & were concerned, though, they are working through them now.
    3000 emails!

  5. It looks like the best people to contact for any offers of volunteer help now or in the cleanup stage are Volunteering Queensland and their CREW (Community Response to Extreme Weather) program.
    They will take details about your skillset and availability and match them to the changing requirements of the key disaster management organisations.

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