And lo, the internets did not let me down

Of course someone’s already created a nifty Davos/Davros graphic to match my pernicious brane’s wilful conflation.  My faith in cyberspace is vindicated.

a delightfully dodgy photoshop job of Davros and Dalek minions on the ski slopes

Davros at Davos | Image Credit:

Serendipitously, the article from which that illustration comes, The Anthropic Principal, is well worth reading with respect to homophones, spelling errors/typos and various other brain farts.  Although I think he’s wrong that the “set of people who are both paying attention to global economic conferences and watching Doctor Who reruns is pretty small”.

Anybody else had vague thoughts of creating something for the LOLs and then realised that of course it would already be out there on the internets? Did you find other interesting bits along the way?

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