Thursday Cheezburger – Obvious Troll is Obvious

Today’s theme is: Obvious Troll is Obvious

(If some of the troll memes are not yet part of your lexicon, try this Know Your Meme page on trolling for some pointers)

LOL I’M FEEDING THE TROLLS by ~professuh on deviantART

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10 replies

  1. dey c us trollin dey hatin

    I am sorry commander, but “They see me trollin, they hatin” IS grammatically incorrect.

  2. Uh, the existence of is making this way too easy. Hope this feature is better next week. HTH. (<- concern troll)


    i’m just saying look at it socialism and satan both start with S

    nice shoes can hardly tell they’re knockoffs

    • I had not previously known of My life has been enriched 🙂
      This one is not about internet trolling, but I love this pic and caption so hard…

      If a Troll Doll were Pope

  3. I don’t understand what’s happening here … but I’m OFFENDED.
    Wow, when they say definitely offensive, possibly funny they aren’t kidding. At least they are upfront about it.

  4. I respectfully disagree, with your position on this issue

    I heard a sexist joke yesterday so i called the police

  5. I share your point of view – but I have some concerns

  6. Obvious, Troll Is Obvious

    Obvious Troll Is Obvious

  7. thursday cheezburger is rapidly becoming a highight of my week. please carry on.

  8. Hee 🙂 I especially like the ‘… but I’m offended’ one. Nice crop, hoydenizens!

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