What will it take for Hosni Mubarak to go already?

Hundreds have already been killed and the violence is escalating. I haven’t blogged about it before because I’ve just felt so apprehensive about the danger the protestors were placing themselves in, although I was at first cheered by the number of women and families with children taking part. But as the dangers have arisen the women and families have mostly left, angry men from opposing groups are standing off, staring each other down and then giving in to their hostile urges, and now it looks like my initial apprehensions are being fulfilled.

Demonstrators in Egypt: I admire your principles and your courage.
Soldiers of Egypt: to those who are refusing to act against your peacefully demonstrating countryfolk, and who are separating them from hostile provocateurs, I salute you.
Bloggers of Egypt: my thanks and admiration to you for documenting what is happening.

The End is near. I have no illusions about this regime or its leader, and how he will pluck us and hunt us down one by one till we are over and done with and 8 months from now will pay people to stage fake protests urging him not to leave power, and he will stay “because he has to acquiesce to the voice of the people”. This is a losing battle and they have all the weapons, but we will continue fighting until we can’t. I am heading to Tahrir right now with supplies for the hundreds injured, knowing that today the attacks will intensify, because they can’t allow us to stay there come Friday, which is supposed to be the game changer. We are bringing everybody out, and we will refuse to be anything else than peaceful. If you are in Egypt, I am calling on all of you to head down to Tahrir today and Friday. It is imperative to show them that the battle for the soul of Egypt isn’t over and done with. I am calling you to bring your friends, to bring medical supplies, to go and see what Mubarak’s gurantees look like in real life. Egypt needs you. Be Heroes.

Mubarak (and your cadre): you think you can hang on and keep your regime in power, despite the evidence of how you are mistrusted, despised and feared. You are vile, callous and people will spit at your memory for decades to come. Towns and buildings which carry your names will have those names obliterated by the will of the people. Your legacy will be dust.

Why are you still in office? You’ve got your millions/billions stashed away. Just announce your resignation, get on a helicopter to the airport and retire to one of your many luxury properties around the world. Write your memoirs and strut and posture at meetings of the global ruthless elite – stroke your ego that way.

Let your people get on with it without you and your mates. You are not needed.

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