Insensitive arseholes alert: not enough tragedy for their taste

Via Possum at Pollytics, I have been made aware that Caroline Overington and other people who work for the Oz’s Media Diary think that problems with devastating cyclones and killer heatwaves have been given too much attention, presumably since not enough people have died from them.

As Poss said:

The miscreant responsible for that drivel should write it on a sandwich board and wear it through the streets of Cardwell.

Herewith I declare a dedicated thread for media arsehattery regarding natural disasters that have “failed” to deliver the desired tragedy quotient.  Name and shame.

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  1. More from Grog’s Gamut:
    Cyclone Yasi: Overington thinks it hyperbole
    N.B. His addendum makes it clear he regrets some of his more emotive phrasing, but I reckon he got her dead to rights.

  2. Yes, Overington is a ghoul. Her work on child protection and the Family Court is just as exploitative and morbid.

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