I haz a roquefort

and various other noms along these lines…
A wedbe of Roquefort cheese on a board, accompanied by crusty bred and red wine
Nom nom nom nom. Sometime tomorrow morning I may emerge from a post-prandial Valentine haze. I hope everyone is enjoying affectionate company with quality comestibles too.

P.S. Roquefort with pumpernickel. Try it.

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  1. I haz double brie nom nom nom. Time for bedtime kiddies, more cheese for mummy. Curse their father for giving them a taste for soft cheeses.

  2. There was King Island Smoked Cheddar and Triple Brie for afternoon tea, with the kids. Now there is a daughter (12) practicing her guitar after her first lesson and a son (9) who read Reaper Man to me for half and hour while Dad and other son (13) have gone off to sword fighting classes. Shortly there will be a pot of tea, Stargate Universe dvds and some tablet weaving.

  3. I certainly will try that soon – looks delish.
    I spent most of today in a conciliation meeting with the HREOC and Dep Ed people in an attempt to get my son back into school and it looks like we might have an agreement, I’m cautiously optimistic anyway, so all in all a good day after many not so good ones.

  4. su, fingers crossed for the conciliation process.
    Mim, what a delightful family portrait.
    Mindy, my kids can’t stand soft cheeses, nyahnyah.

  5. It’s probably a good thing TT. Despite what my tummy says, I can’t believe that I really need to eat a whole one myself.

  6. @ Su – yay you for keeping up the good fight. I hope you have a good win this time and it stays won.

  7. Cheers Mindy : )

  8. Sunday arvo MrLaurie and I nom’d on a lovely mild blue and a golden washed rind. OM NOM NOM. So much deliciousness!

  9. Now, that is a great way to celebrate Valentines.

  10. Very, very cheesy, the lot of you.

  11. Yeah but it was grate!

  12. This nonsense has gone on whey too long. I think it’s been milked for all it’s worth, and we need to curd our frivolous urges lest people start to think feminists are gouda fun, not gorgon(zola)s.

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