Thursday Cheezburger – You can’t resist

Today’s theme is: You can’t resist
cat is staring at a house of cards

cat wearing a walking harness is lying on floor resisting tug on collar
Cats invented passive resistance
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9 replies


    Take a break…have a kit-kat

  2. I can’t resist that passive resistance one… gold.
    but I do love these too (hope I get the links right!)

  3. Ahh, bugger.

    Once he was over the fence, Peter just couldn’t resist taking a parting shot at Mr. McGregor.

    light saber resistant kitteh iz resisting

  4. u cannot resist…u cannot resist

    resistens iz futile. we haz you surrunded.

    Youz cannot resist my puppeh belleh!

  5. Charlie Sheen should probably have resisted the Alex Jones radio interview.
    Check out Cats quote Charlie Sheen (n.b. no alt text for image descriptions or captions there)

  6. Oh mummy! I just finished reading Cats quote Charlie Sheen! I keep shaking my head and thinking ‘Poor Martin Sheen’.

    • I’ve just watched segments of his latest TV interview and although I’m not at all a fan I can’t help feeling some pity for Charlie Sheen. He appears to be in the midst of a classic manic grandiosity meltdown, and he unfortunately has so much in the way of financial resources that he can wall out exactly the closest people in his private and professional life who would be best able to help him. It’s only going to get worse.

  7. Yeah, I haven’t actually read a whole lot on it (cats excepted) and I guess that it’s true that in a celebrity scenario, it’s unlikely to be seen as an illness or an episode, and instead be seen as just total douchiness and viewed without any sympathy.

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