Femmostroppo Reader March 4, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss (during my week of seminaring where I didn’t even managed to get an FS reader up for you)? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Is it worth it to argue down right wing myths?
  • – “There’s piles of research that show that people don’t change their minds just because they lose arguments or are presented with overwhelming evidence. So, is there value in arguing with conservatives? I say yes, depending of course on the situation. Here are some examples of how you can get value out of arguing with conservatives: “

  • "From that moment on, I was next of kin."
  • – “The next time someone asks you why marriage equality matters, just send them this article.”

  • This is what a (Texan) feminist looks like.
  • – “Way back in January I told y’all about Feminist Coming Out Day 2011, which happens March 8. “

  • Some Days I Love My Job More Than Others
  • – “Rape culture does not mean, to purloin the wisdom of Antoine Dodson, that they rapin’ errbody out there. Instead, it is a culture – of commentary, arts, music, popular thought – that normalises, excuses, trivialises and in some instances condones sexual violence, and it shuts down those who try to criticise it with cries of “political correctness gone mad”.

    Right now, I can’t think of a better example of rape culture than a song with a chorus that runs, “I like you just the way you are, drunk as shit, dancing at the bar/I like it and I can’t wait to take you home so I can do some damage/I like you just the way you are, drunk as shit dancing at the bar, I can’t wait to take you home so I can take advantage.”

    As Nina Funnell noted this week, “Having sex with a woman who does not have the capacity to consent is not called ‘taking advantage’. It’s called rape.”

  • Responsibility vs victim blaming
  • – “I’m not wasting my energy blaming all men for rape. I am blaming the rapists for rape. Just like I blame robbers for robbery. And Wilson is wrong. There is nothing in mainstream culture that says all men are rapists, but everything that says women are somehow responsible for being raped.”

  • Westboro Baptist Church protests are protected speech
  • – “Westboro Baptist Church is made up of some of the ugliest, most hateful and vile people on the planet — but even they have a right to put that vileness in words.”

  • Smart Lady Says Smart Things
  • – “this video by Anita Sarkeesian does a fantastic job of giving a compact, example-crammed discussion of how popular films reflect patriarchal focii.” (links to transcript)

  • Madness takes its toll
  • – “If you’d like to retain some semblance of respect for the Australian Senate – where this actually happened – don’t watch the video.”

  • ‘The full weight of feminist despair’
  • – “What he’ll do before it’s too late for his daughter? What he’ll do afterwards to explain to her? What he’ll do in defence of me, in defence of other women? I want to grab every male friend by the ear and say ‘Well if you can SEE that it’s wrong, if you GET that it’s a real fucking problem then WHAT??? What are you doing? Apart from continuing to watch the movies?’. I want to shout that I’m sick of agreement and headpats that go nowhere, as in really: WHAT ARE YOU DOING??”

  • Fuck you post: two minutes’ silence edition
  • – “Fuck you for making our observance an opportunity for you to perform.”

  • Equivalences
  • – “Since they could cut their hair and get the job, being a hippie in 1971 wasn’t actually equivalent to being Irish in 1880. Neither does a voluntarily low income turn you into a working-class person if you grew up in a professional-middle-class household and went to college. Bohemian lifestyles and voluntary simplicity have a long, honored history in middle-class culture, and it’s time we recognized our counterculture impulses as part of our professional-middle-class identity.”

Disclaimer/SotBO: a link here is not necessarily an endorsement of all opinions of the post author(s) either in the particular post or of their writing in general.

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  1. Wow. Just read Clem Bastow’s post, then the News With Nipples post. It feels too early for a rage level this high. First at McFadden, then at Wilson…

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