Were you online in ’95-ish?

If you, like I was back then, were using a Windows 3 box, then you almost certainly used the Trumpet Winsock program to access the internet via your modem, probably via a giveaway from either a PC magazine or your brand new ISP.  Sadly, the unsung programmer who created Trumpet Winsock, Tasmanian Peter Tattam,  didn’t get paid for most of those copies; millions of free give-aways that saw hardly a brass razoo come back to him.

Our very own ozblogistan overlord, the lovely and talented Jacques Chester, has set up a website to allow one to retrospectively provide some recompense via donation to Peter, should one feel so inclined.  Head on over to thanksfortrumpetwinsock.com to show a bit of appreciation for an internet pioneer.

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  1. I was working at an ISP (Netcom) when Windows 95 was released. It was a wild and harrowing time full of pain and joy.

  2. Windows 95! Luxury… He says, remembering the 386 he ran with DOS 5.0 until 1997…

  3. Pretty much…
    1200 baud rate – them were the days…

  4. Peter’s problem was that he lived in Tasmania and his major market was the US. No micro internet payment system in those days.
    Those bastions of free enterprise, teh banks, wanted their pound of flesh for every “foreigh currency” transaction. And Americans being Americans sent USD cheques to Tassie.
    Pretty much any payments that were made were eaten up by fees and charges.
    You can just picture Peter trudging down to his locat branch with a sack full of USD cheques made out on the first national of Poukeepsie.

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