Femmostroppo Reader March 12, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • What Is Rape Culture?
  • – “Basically the just world hypothesis is: The fundamental attribution error is based on the assumption that bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people.”

  • Fail Squared
  • – “I’d be more satisfied if Brisbane had also explicitly addressed the use of passive voice, the blaming of the victim’s mother, the implicit classism, and the refusal to address race.”

  • POP GOES FEMINISM: Well there, little lady, you didn’t expect to be a hero did you? A review of Rango
  • – “Rango opens with our lizard hero accompanied by a headless, legless, one-armed Barbie as his female companion. Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp) imagines himself as a suave leading man instead of the googley-eyed lizard he is, draping his arm around Barbie and asking “are those real?” Ah, the joy of objectifying sexist jokes in kids films. What fun!

    As you can imagine, this opening did not bode well for my hopes”

  • Bond in a Frock
  • – MRAs absolutely outraged by Daniel Craig’s video for IWD where he frocks up.

  • On Mars Needs Moms (‘Cause Dads… Uh, Dads?)
  • – “Thanks, thanks for nothing Disney.”

  • No, the “supermoon” didn’t cause the Japanese earthquake
  • – “Despite what a lot of people are saying, there is no way this earthquake was caused by the Moon.

    The idea of the Moon affecting us on Earth isn’t total nonsense, but it cannot be behind this earthquake, and almost certainly won’t have any actual, measurable affect on us on March 19, when the full Moon is at its closest.

    So, how can I be so sure?”

  • Creating Complex Female Characters in Video Games
  • – “7-minute video from The Escapist that discusses female characters in video games and how game developers could incorporate women as complex characters rather than stereotypes.”

  • Dishonor among deniers
  • – “The cartoon states that 97% of the CO2 entering the atmosphere is from natural sources, and is clearly meant to imply that the human contribution (a mere 3%) is negligible. The same statement (with the same implication) is presented in this document by Gregg D. Thompson.

    While technically correct, the statement is both irrelevant and misleading.

    It quite ignores the carbon cycle:”

  • Blame Jonah Lehrer for this SciCheer Screed
  • – “let’s face it: women have been sold a pack of lies about their true worth. They have been systematically taught to value themselves with the currency of society, and that currency is: the attention of men. It just so happens that at this historical moment in the U.S. of A., SexxayHawt is what will get you a gazillionaire’s worth of attention, at least for a moment or two, until the next SexxayHawt-er comes along. Given this, it is unsurprising that some women would think whatever modicum of success they’ve had at the SexxayHawt Olympics should be used for good! not understanding that SexxayHawt is a sword which cannot be beaten into a plowshare.”

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