Thursday Cheezburger – Politicians

Today’s theme is: Politicians. For those of you in NSW remember, this Saturday vote early and vote often.
funny pictures - Politics: n - frum Greek
Politics:n – frum Greek “Poli” – many “tics” – blood sucking parasites

Iz onna fence. Not political or nuffin. I jus onna fence.

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3 replies

  1. I don’t have a Cheez to offer right now, just the observation that the letters spelling out ‘Labor’ or ‘ALP’ on the politician posters around town couldn’t get much smaller without disappearing altogether, and I’m sure that if it wasn’t an Electoral Commission requirement that they’d not have them up there at all.
    I saw one poster for an ALP member in the eastern suburbs that was green all over even.

  2. OK, cheez time!

    Yeah,yeah. health care for kids. green energy. but what his cheezburger policy?

    Communist cat misunderstands “party”.

  3. One drunken nite ruined Fluffy’s political career

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