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Chatting to a comedian (who shall remain nameless) last night, we discussed how we were missing Hungry Beast, and thank FSM for ABC’s iView. She said:

I was so impressed the first time I caught up with something on iView – it was nearly as good as a torrent.


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  1. I don’t understand most of those words, but I am *loving* Hungry Beast. They always manage to talk about something I had no idea of, as well as something I did know about and have been pissed with the MSM for not dealing with properly. And funny.

    • Hungry Beast is one of my absolute fave new integrated media shows.
      Tweeps interested in a new voice to follow could do a lot worse than checking out the tweet-stream of @danilic (at the moment he’s busy spruiking the #micf Melbourne comedy festival shows of various mates, but he also tweets many links of interest to fans of Hungry Beast)

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