Quick Hit – Oh really?

The hanging suicide of a transgender Aboriginal woman in a male jail could not have been prevented by the Department of Corrective Services, a coroner has found.

While in in the cells at Sydney Police Centre she was happy, reported no signs of suicidal tendencies, was smiling, happy and talking. Then she was moved to a male prison and two days later was found hanged in her cell. Yet this couldn’t have been prevented. Really? You don’t think that treating her as a woman or making other arrangements for her apart from going to a men’s prison could have helped? Obviously not. And it cost her her life.

Please note: this is not a thread for re-hashing attitudes about transgender people. Any such comments will be harshly dealt with by the nearest available mod.

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  1. So she was placed in a male prison (and assessments did not take place *there*) AND she used the call button for undetermined reasons, but nothing could have been done? And obviously the time she’d previously spent in a male prison meant that nothing had changed in her life since then. What an astounding conclusion.

  2. What’s the sentence for a serious drug offence? Make it unpleasant enough for a transgender person and it’s a death sentence apparently.
    Absolutely tragic. Totally unnecessary.

  3. I have nothing constructive to say other than to add my sadness and sorrow to yet another preventable death.

  4. This is appalling – though I’m quite impressed that The Australian got the pronouns right. It was clearly preventable and is yet another death of a trans person due to systemic issues.

  5. Ack. 😦

  6. The Australian did a better job reporting than the SMH, which took great pains to use her birth name and refer to her as a “pre-operative male-to-female transsexual”.

  7. Seconded, absolutely tragic and unnecessary.

  8. ugh, that is so awful.

  9. Sorry for no useful notice – I found out that there is a rally today at noon at Glebe Coroner’s Court, 44-46 Parramatta Rd, Glebe, demanding a new enquiry into Veronica Baxter’s death. http://www.caah.org.au/justice-for-veronica-baxter#pressreleaseapril8
    I will head in for it.

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