Doonesbury and The Donald

I do like the way Doonesbury illustrator GBTrudeau captures something about various public figures; remember George W as a floating asterisk?

Here is Trudeau’s take on Donald Trump:
Gary Trudeau's rendition of Donald Trump, with hair with a life of its own

The Hair…

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  1. He’s been making the hair bigger and bigger over the years, hasn’t he?

  2. In the immortal words of Shrek – “Do you think he’s compensating for something?”

  3. Ha! Donald Trump announced today that he’s decided not to go any further with seeking the Republican presidential nomination for 2012.
    The whole palaver certainly garnered him a lot of publicity for his tired reality show though, didn’t it?

  4. What you mean he never really intended to be President? My goodness, what a scoundrel! #tongue in cheek
    I wonder how many Ad Agency bigwigs are even now telling their proteges – “Now that is how you get free publicity.”

  5. Does the GOP have anyone left? Do you think Tony Abbott could be persuaded to throw his hat into the ring?

  6. A commenter on the story tigtog said:
    Am I alone in thinking that the Republicans asked Trump to run to make Palin look less [irrational]?

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