My moaning, let me show you it

The M$IE logo covered by the international NO symbol

Say No to Internet Explorer

Arrrgh! Hatesss the nastiessss, yesssssss.

I so totally understand this developer’s pain. Please, for the love of all that is rational, decent and kind to small furry animals, stop using Internet Explorer.

[No transcript, but the video is subtitled, and I found this lyrics excerpt on line for you to get the gist]

I wrote the last line of JavaScript at 4:45
I wanted to see if my widget was ready to go live
I tested in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
I even tried Opera, but then I… should’ve gone home
Cause IE is being mean to me… again!
IE is being mean to me… again.

IE is being mean to me, again
I tried JQuery, Moo Tools and Prototype
But IE still won’t display my widget right
And have you experienced the horror
Of debugging in Internet Explorer

If you’re an IE user and have no idea of what I just said
Would you please consider using Firefox instead
I’d like to say that I simply do not care,
But how can I ignore so much market share?
I have a reoccurring dream about compliance
But it always ends in Microsoft’s defiance
And that’s why IE is being mean to me… again!

If you’re an IE user and have no idea of what I just said
Would you please consider using Firefox instead
Do it for Open Source, it’s free as in speech
Do it for developers everywhere, but most of all…
Just do it for me!


I need a distraction, and the velvet voiced Ella Fitzgerald provides one that’s tangentially related (but why oh why are so many classic songs about abusive relationships?)

Mean to me
Why must you be
Mean to me
Gee, honey, it seems to me
You love to see me cryin’
I don’t know why
I stay home
Each night when you say
You’ll phone
You don’t and I’m left alone
Singing the blues and sighin’

You treat me coldly
Each day in the year
You always scold me
Whenever somebody is near, dear

It must be
Great fun to be
Mean to me
You shouldn’t, for can’t you see
What you mean to me

[coda: you couldn’t be mean
if you knew what you mean
to me]

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