Who’s using Dribbble?

Anybody? It looks very interesting, but I’m hesitant to sign up for yet another thing without knowing how other people are finding it usability-wise etc.

However, I think a similar application for performers to let people know what they are doing easily and outside the FB privacy-nightmare zone would be awesome sauce, especially if they can add a timestream to another website as a widget.

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  1. Yea gods I only just signed up for Twitter. To my followers – I’m following you, don’t follow me we’ll all get lost!
    I do like the name, Dribbble, though.
    Ah no, it’s only for creative people, so I don’t need to worry then.

  2. That’s how it is at the moment, because they’re in early stages of rolling it out and scaling their servers for how many members they have etc. But it looks to me like a great at-a-glance collaboration tool for all sorts of things.
    I can see it, or a version of something similar, being used by activists for getting the word out especially.

  3. Tigtog, how can you possibly do all the things you do with only one life? Do you have a little time-flipper thingy, like Hermione?

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