Quicklinks: #socialmedia #erosion #storm #bust – oops here comes Jack Bauer

It doesn’t matter that I could be talking about ordinary uses of social media to boost the click-through rate on the blog, or the erosion of beach sand during the expected storms Sydney will see later today, or even about the surgery I underwent a few years ago to have my bust size reduced. Apparently every single one of those words will raise a red flag for the Department of Homeland Security’s Media Monitoring team.

ST: TNG - Picard and Riker each are hiding their face behind a hand with a weary postureSeriously, I’ve been headdesking this one for a few hours now: the DHS monitors blogs, twitter and facebook for usage of the words “social media”?

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How to up your blog’s hit count on the government dime

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  1. The hell? That sounds like it has as much point as searching websites for the word “internet.”

  2. Okay, looking at the list provided, I find myself wondering whether there’s a possible online game available here:
    Pick one word at random from each category.
    For bloggers: Write a blog post which includes each of these words in as neutral and non-threatening a context as possible.
    For twitterers: Write a series of tweets, each of which contains one of these words, where each of the tweets is neutral and non-threatening.
    I’m sure other people could come up with other forms of online content for various social media – for example, how could the general concept be expanded to cover photos, video, gaming etc?

  3. It seems like the list is trying so hard to be all-encompassing that it’s meaningless. Worm? Swine? Drill? Gas? Wave?

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